Break out the popcorn

Mmmm...stadium seating....

I love going to movies - stadium seating, THX and/or Dolby Digital, DTS, expensive junk doesn't get much better.

But it can get worse when you get the people who won't shut the f*ck up during the movie, or who bring a crying baby and won't leave the theater, or when the volume isn't loud enough - I could go on. I'll spare you.

Here's what I've been seeing lately at my two local theaters, Sams Town Century 18 (Very nice!) and Boulder Station Regal Cinemas 11 (also, very very nice). Most recent viewings are at the top of the list


COLLATERAL (New - 22 Aug 04)
mean girls
harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
shrek 2
van helsing
the others
jurassic park iii
planet of the apes
legally blonde
final fantasy
cats & dogs
moulin rouge
tomb raider
one night at mccools
the mummy returns