Goodbye, Glenn! Hello, Paulie the Pawn!

BB18 Episode 2 – June 23, 2016

<–Previously, the 12 newbies and 4 veterans enter the house!

Some seasons, we have people who completely overplay and dig themselves into a hole that typically can’t get out of.  The last few seasons have seen that a lot, if you think about people like Audrey and Devin.  Play hard and they get fucking taken OUT.  I think this season is playing a little differently with the inclusion of the four veterans, as it’s given many of the newbies a chance to focus their gameplay against the veterans.  So instead of crazy-ass alliances that are destined for failure, it is a fairly simple way to break down the house and avoid making enemies or doing too stupid of things….BUT YET, there is still some pretty stupid stuff going on.  I’ll focus on the key example further down, but damn, Jozea and Victor, your confidence is killing you.  You definitely don’t know that yet, but you will.  You will.

Some Business To Attend To: Big Brother Credits!

BB18_Ep2_BigBrotherCreditsI’ve really liked the credit sequences they’ve implemented now that they’ve gone HD these last few seasons. The “travel theme” is especially well-done too.  The Departures lounge where the nominated sit is delightful.  Gotta say that Paulie looks damn hot in the opening credits, Corey looks like the typical hot jock, and Victor is a walking cliche.

More Business To Attend To:  Tiffany’s Confessions Tour

BB18_Ep2_TiffanyConfessestoDa BB18_Ep2_DaKnowsTiffany, it might just be easier to actually have a trademark House Meeting and tell everyone.  Or you do you, and just tell another person every episode.   Whatever works.  But you’ve now told two different pacts in the house, with Michelle knowing and now DaVonne.  Personally, I think you’re better off with the Vets for now, but you’ve made your game that much harder with Michelle knowing too.  Maybe she will keep your secret in confidence, but if she’s strongly allied to the Newbies, your secret likely is coming out sooner than later.   We’ll see.

The Vets Make Some Plans

BB18_Ep2_FrankDaJamesThe vets are well aware they’re fighting an uphill battle.  But with Da’s new knowledge, she knows that as long as Tiffany or Nicole win the upcoming HoH, they should be safe.

BB18_Ep2_CoreyBuysItThis isn’t just an obligatory shirtless shot of Corey, although that isn’t a terrible thing either.  No, this is where Nicole is working on Corey to get him to suggest to her that Nicole should take HoH in the case it comes down to that.  How did Nicole become so sneaky?  I honestly don’t think she is, and alas, Corey just is a dimmer bulb.  That’s alright, he’ll be fine. Hot and Tall goes a long way in life, and in Big Brother.

We Hardly Knew Ya, Glenn

BB18_Ep2_EliminationChallenge BB18_Ep2_HeyPaulieSo the Freakazoids had to battle it out in this last challenge, with whoever comes in last getting eliminated from the show.  The safe houseguests watched, and some took the chance to recline and just open their crotch to the CBS viewing public.  Thank you for your service, Paulie.  It’s God’s work you’re doing.

BB18_Ep2_Comp_Corey BB18_Ep2_Comp_NicoleSafe BB18_Ep2_Comp_PaulIsPissedSo each island was balanced on the center, and you had to climb up the palm tree and get coconuts and place them in the holes along the letters S O S.  If you weren’t careful, your movement could cause the coconuts to get dislodged.  Paul, of Mean Girls, was putting his hopes on Nicole not winning….alas, Nicole dominated this challenge and was the first to finish, yielding us this DoucheTastic Image of Masculinity and Anger.  Paul, you’re either going out realllly early in the season, or lasting till the end.  It’s like in Jeopardy!, the person with the most annoying tic ALWAYS pulls off the win, solely to aggravate me.  (Oh, there’s some Jeopardy! news I have to share, but that’ll just be another post coming soon).

Tiffany followed Nicole in finishing the challenge, leaving just Corey and Glenn to battle it out to stay in the house.  It was at this point where I realized I might have to stop watching this season, because if Corey went home on EPISODE TWO, that means there’s no goodness in the world.

BB18_Ep2_CompPhotoFinish BB18_Ep2_Comp_PhotoFinish2 BB18_Ep2_ByeGlennAnd to make things even more interesting, it was a damn photo finish!  Come ON, Corey.  How can you let yourself be that close to getting eliminated?  Both Glenn and Corey lunged for their flags at the same time, but unfortunately for Glenn, his lunging caused 4 of his coconuts to dislodge, which meant he was not eligible to pull the flag.  Corey won then as he didn’t dislodge his coconuts.

Glenn, we didn’t get to know you much at all, so who knows if you would have made it far?  I’m guessing you wouldn’t have, but what do I know?  Anyway, off to reality with you!

Time for an HoH to be chosen

BB18_Ep2_IKnowWhatNicoleIsLookingAtSo Nicole, Tiffany, and Corey had to determine amongst themselves who would be HoH.  Nicole’s groundwork with Corey had him not claiming it, while Tiffany was reluctant to get blood on her hands so early in the game.  Nicole was doing her best to not make it look like she wanted it, and fortunately Tiffany finally came up with the idea that whoever won that challenge first should get it, so Nicole “reluctantly” took one for the team.  Tiffany and Corey are both safe per the challenge’s rules too, and Nicole took a quick peak of the chest action to her left.

BB18_Ep2_NicoleIsHoHSo Nicole is this season’s first HoH, and it was well-received by all in the land…NOT.  Paul, Jozea, and Zakiyah were super pissed, as were pretty much all the other newbies too.  Frank was thrilled, but doing his best not to show it.  The vets will live to see another week!


BB18_Ep2_ABromanceICanSupportThere’s no real point to this picture except I like the fanfic around what happens next with Corey and Paulie here.  Anyway, they’re all reacting to Glenn’s departure and the fact his face on the memory wall is already greyed out.

Strategery #1: Paulie the Pawn

BB18_Ep2_PauliethePawnNicole knows she wants one of the Mean Girls out, and likely it’s Jozea as he has been quite a bitch to her from Minute 1.  But apparently the other two (Paul & Zakiyah) in that Mean Girls alliance aren’t on her radar just yet, as she is set on Jozea going home, and thinks it’s necessary for a Pawn Play already.  I don’t think you need to do this so early in the game, as while Paulie ends up kind of being on the Vets side, you’re certainly giving him an out if he ever decides to turn on you.  Personally, I think she should have just put Paul & Jozea as nominees and be done with it.  If one of them wins Veto, Zakiyah is up there.  Or Victor. Or ANYONE besides the Vets.  Who cares at this point?  Just don’t shit on the few newbies that want to work with you.

Strategery #2:  Victor Seduces Nicole

BB18_Ep2_VictorSeducesNicole BB18_Ep2_Victor2Yes, Victor is quite hot, but the Axe body spray is strong on this one.  While talking about Nicole’s options for nominations this week, Victor first takes his hoodie off, flips his hair a lot, then lays the puppydog glances her way.  Nicole is smooth in playing clueless with him, which seems to encourage him to think she’s a moron.  So he spells out that the Newbies are coming after her and the Vets, and of all the newbies, Jozea is REALLY gunning for her.  Well, thank you, Victor, for that information.  SMH.  Nicole in the DR thinks Victor’s conversation may have been one of the stupidest moves on Big Brother.  We’ll see?  But for now, I agree.

Strategery #3:  Jozea the Messiah

BB18_Ep2_DaVonnesIncredulity BB18_Ep2_JozeatheMessiahSo Jozea and DaVonne are chatting on the hammock, and this exchange fucking killed me.  First, Jozea is so fucking cocky and confident in how he’s running the game, and it’s DAY TWO.  I give DaVonne all the props in the world for not blowing her cover and saving it for the Diary Room (DR), as that took all the patience in the world.  I transcribed it as it really is just epic, especially for DaVonne’s DR commentary:

J: This game is insane
D: This game is crazy
J:  My thing is that this is my game, I’m a strong-ass player, they haven’t seen nothing yet.
D: <Nods in agreement>
J:  And for right now, I’m safe.  Because for the majority of the house, I’m like a messiah to the newbies.
D:  <can’t help but have her eyes bug out while looking at J, but manages to keep most shock to herself>
J:  <nods at her and taps his head knowingly>
D in the DR:  This boy has the audacity to call himself the messiah.  Like, first of all, God is all-knowing, and one thing sir you don’t know is that you just sealed your fate.
J:  I didn’t even put myself through to do that, it just seemed to flow that way.
D: <agreeing> yeah, it just happened.  That happens.
D in the DR:  Damn boy, you acting like you already got the check for $500K!  You still broke!  You ain’t got no money in your pocket!  SIT DOWN!
J:  I’m good at, I’m good at a lot of things.
D:  <chuckles>
J: I’m strong in my brain.
D.  Mmmhmm, I get that.
D: So who’s on your radar, in your situation?
J:  So for now, the so-called alliance, is originals vs vets. You ain’t have to worry about that.
D: Thank you.
J: You honestly don’t.  When it comes to which to take out first, it’ll be Nicole
D:  mm…okay
D in the DR:  So I’m like, uh huh, uh huh, I got that…
J: …and then we’ll do James, then Frank
D:  okay.
D in the DR:  and what else?  Stupid.  You act like we in the hair salon and you’re giving me a fresh curl, perm, and press!  What you thinking??
J:  They better all just hope I don’t get any power
D: <chuckles>
J: Cause for me, the game don’t start until they’re gone.

BB18_Ep2_DaVonneIsLikeWhatDaVonne’s DR confessionals are simply the best.  Please stay longer than two weeks this time, DaVonne.  PLEASE.


BB18_Ep2_HaveNots BB18_Ep2_HaveNotRoomThe HaveNots (Team Big Sister) got their slop supplies this episode, while also getting introduced to their new HaveNot bedroom.  It’s a carnival scene with bumper cars and flashing lights.  Honestly, it’s not too terrible.  I still think the airplane seats from that racist season were the worst, and would have been applicable for this season, but they were probably avoiding repeating themselves.  But a carnival pretty much doesn’t fit the travel theme in any way, shape, or form.

And Finally, Nominations

In some ways, this one hour episode felt longer than the two hours we got in Episode 1!  I kid, I kid.  It’s just hard to write about the show when there’s SO many houseguests, but happily the editors really are helping us focus.  But you just know there’s shit going on with the other houseguests but it’ll have to wait.  I have heard there’s discussions during the Live Feeds about the presidential elections.  I’m sure that’s a bunch of fuckery right there.  I shudder to think what Corey and Paulie’s political leanings are…that could ruin my lust for them and I will not have that!

Oh yeah, we’re talking nominations!

BB18_Ep2_Nominated BB18_Ep2_JozeaNominated BB18_Ep2_PaulieNominatedSo yeah, Nicole put the Paulie-as-Pawn plan into play.  Say that five times fast! The common BB wisdom is that pawns go home, so here’s hoping Paulie can survive those odds.  I don’t mind if Jozea goes home, knowing full well that’ll set Paul off even more.  Whether Paul turns that into EvelDick gameplay or more like Devin remains to be seen.

Status & Standings:

BB18_Ep2_StandingsElimination Challenge Loser:  Glenn
Head of Household:  Nicole
Nominated for Eviction:  Jozea & Paulie

I can’t remember if we’re getting just Power of Veto tonight, and when the actual next Eviction is occurring.  The first two weeks of the show are usually kind of all over the place!

Next, an 8-Pack Alliance forms–>

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