Hot Guy Journal

You know, I’ve really wanted to track the numerous hotness I see every day in New York – I won’t be posting pics because I don’t have my camera on me all the time nor the balls to actually take a pic of hotness – although that could be a way to meet people!  

But seriously, NYC and Midtown especially are a freakin’ treasure trove of hot guys.  It’s incredible.  Like yesterday – tons of hotness.  On the ferry home (heh heh, I said ferry), this one guy had decided to strip off his suit jacket and shirt and was only wearing an undershirt.  Now, on most people, this would be an absolutely horrendous fashion choice.  Not this guy.  REEEEdiculously good-looking.  And fully able to wear the outfit that way.  Then in the grocery store that is at the bottom of my apartment building, there is again an amazing amount of good-looking men.  My problem?  Okay – problems:  first, I have absolutely no courage to even smile at these people let alone talk to them.  Second, I have no idea if they’re gay – I always assume NOT because that’s more likely.  

Anyways, I think I’m going to have start making my iPhone pay for itself by taking pics of hotness, all stealth-like.   

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