“No, I Would’ve Evicted Her!”

BB17 Episode 38 – September 16, 2015

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I’m glad that Big Brother is finally ending.  I’ve greatly enjoyed the season, even if it really does seem that you could say that the season had a ton of floaters.  That “floating” kept things interesting as the alliances almost never had any long-term impact, with the major exception of the Austwins.  That powerful clique certainly helped Julia get much further than she would have otherwise.  But the others, like Sixth Sense, Scamper Squad, etc?  Ultimately, they didn’t seem to have lasting appeal to any of their members, who frequently were in multiple arrangements each.  Vanessa was a Power Floater, I think, and made the most of whatever the situation called for.   Sometimes I think floater connotates a passive approach, but in her case, I would never say that about her.

ANYWAY, I’ve got very little energy to write up this post – long story short, John’s time was up.  I think he would have had very little chance of winning even if he somehow made it to the Final 2, because he was a returnee plus his challenge performance was kind of hit and miss.  Not awful, but certainly doesn’t compare to Liz, Steve, or Vanessa’s achievements.

BB17_Ep38_NominationsSteve, as HoH, certainly wanted to get Vanessa out this week, but she pulled out an impressive Veto win in the karate-themed Veto Competition.  We got a return of Caleb from last season as the host of the comp:

BB17_Ep38_VetoComp BB17_Ep38_VetoComp2 BB17_Ep38_VetoComp_CalebJohn and Vanessa ended up having a showdown as both Liz & Steve got eliminated first, and in quick succession, Vanessa was able to identify the correct day # before John twice in a row, winning herself the Veto.  Side note:  Caleb is still smokin’ hot.

John’s Final Eviction

BB17_Ep38_JohnKnowsJohn has figured out at this point that he’s not staying and gives a resigned yet non-defeated speech.  Liz puts her boobs out on display.

BB17_Ep38_EvictedVanessa doesn’t trust John’s motivations or alignments, figuring that there’s no situation that makes her trust him, as he’s either breaking a season-long bond with Steve which shows he can’t be trusted or he’s totally lying to her.  Neither seems good, so she chooses to evict him.  Not sure if that’s her real rationale but it sounds good enough.  It almost seems like getting rid of another goat, which will make winning harder for any of these three.

BB17_Ep38_HeWouldHaveEvictedHerAnd so John is back with Julie, and happily admits to her that he had no intention of ever honoring a Final 2 deal with Vanessa and responds “No, I would’ve evicted her!”  to Julie’s question about it.

Which brings us to tonight!  It’s the first part of the Final HoH competition, but we all know what this episode will really be:  a clip show about the whole season and the completely natural conversation the final 3 houseguests have about their memories of the summer.  Completely natural.  Whatever, I’ll still eat it all up.  I don’t have a clue who will win this thing as the remaining 3 really do all have good shots and arguments to be made for why each should win.  I still think Vanessa’s got the hardest road.

Status & Standings:

BB17_Ep38_StandingsOutgoing Head of Household:  Steve
Nominated for Eviction:  John & Vanessa
Power of Veto Winner:  Vanessa
Power of Veto Used?  Yes, on herself
Replacement Nominee:  Liz, automatically
Evicted:  John (1-0)

Alright, Emmys and Big Brother tonight!!  Good times.

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