Vanessa’s Choice

BB17 Episode 16 – July 29, 2015

<– The plan to backdoor Austin hits a snag

Because of course, the target I was completely thrilled at seeing go out the door gets a last-minute reprieve and Vanessa completely changes her mind about what to do.

I don’t have the motivation or the time to get a full post up on this past episode, so here are some quick thoughts:

  • So after Liz is brought in on the plan to backdoor Austin, apparently the magic words of “he’s a vote for us” completely override any and everything that’s happened the last two episodes.  Now, I’d say Vanessa was emulating Derrick in that same situation when Nicole and Hayden got fuuuuuuckkked over by him & Cody with their nonsense alliance, but that was just two people and that alliance was pretty low-key.  Vanessa went and got a third of the house in on this plan and pledged her loyalty and everything and then decides to not do it.  Oooof….
  • Vanessa’s move here really could backfire hard.  But maybe it won’t?  She probably realized that Austin is easy enough to manipulate and now he’ll owe her for saving him.  If the Meg/Jason/James/Jackie grouping actually was working their own alliance, maybe Vanessa would have something to worry about.  But I really don’t think they’ll muster anything up.  I can see the #s are kind of there if somehow they bring in John, Becky (if she’s still here) & Steve to form a counter alliance of 6 against the Sixth Sense (with both twins actively in it)….BUT, it’s pretty clear Steve is just eating paste in the corner and will do whatever he’s told; likewise with John and even Becky- they both probably think they’re in an alliance with Shelli & Clay or something.
  • So thus commences what looks to be a predictable next month or so, with all these floaters getting ousted one by one.  I was excited about some betrayal within the ranks, but alas, they figured it out and we’ll have to wait till probably late August for something interesting to occur once the Sixth Sense cannibalizes.
  • I fully blame producers for Vanessa’s shift.  I think there must be an Austin contingent out there in ratingsland and Jason didn’t prove to be the exciting gay of the season.
  • Did I call it or what about that Dark Moon alliance?  I mean, I thought it might last through the vote, but damn.

Status & Standings:

BB17_Ep16_StandingsHead of Household:  Vanessa
Nominated for Eviction:  Clay & Becky
Power of Veto Winner:  Clay
Veto Used?  Yes, on himself
Replacement Nominee:   Jason

I was pretty bummed at how this episode ended up.  I really don’t like Austin.  I’m getting shaky on Vanessa now.  Shelli & Clay seem to be running the social game of this house. The others?  Geez, people, do you not see what’s going on around you?  I’d say it’s too late for them at this point, BUT with Julia’s permanent arrival tonight, I’ll be interested to see what the dynamics end up being.  Maybe she’ll be a catalyst for change now that she doesn’t have to play as Liz.  God I hope that’s the case.  Because like I said, this next month+ of episodes could be reallll boring.

Next, Jason Tries His Best, Kinda… –>

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