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BB17 Episode 12 – July 19, 2015

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Is it just me?  This season is really light on anything exciting happening.  Clay, while hot, is a total non-entity in the game.  Jason, the heir-apparent to Frankie, is the epitome of a floater.  Meg, Becky, Steve & Jackie might as well leave the house – no one would care or notice.  John is yet again a pawn and doesn’t do a damn thing about it except continue talking like Bobcat and being weirdly funny all at the same time.  Austin creeps me out.  I like Liz and Shelli, and Vanessa has her moments, but after she stopped being HoH, she receded into the background almost immediately.  It’s like, what the hell, people?  What even happened to the Big Brother Takeover this week?  90s week?  Seriously?

I do sometimes rail against producer interference, but seriously, something needs to happen or this season is going to down the tubes just because it’s booooring.  Anyway, what happened?

  • A little bit of the votes stuff came up and made people wonder.  Liz wasn’t about to admit it to anyone that she had voted to keep Jeff.  She was fine with letting Becky get the blame.  I don’t blame her for that.
  • Jackie talked to Austin about what she can do to stay in the game, and he told her that Liz was thinking of putting her up as a pawn.  Jackie tells that info to Shelli who begins to get annoyed that Austin would reveal plans like that to mere minions.  She thinks it’s smart to keep Austin out of sensitive conversations from here on out.  Well, duh!
  • Battle of the Block:  Jason & John had a pretty great lead in this competition which required the players to find a key in 4 different “90s band” areas.  At the Smashing Pumpkins, they hit the wall and that let Jackie and James catch up and surpass them.  So John is still on the block, although this time he didn’t try to throw it.
  • Audrey sabotages her game yet again, throwing Jason under the bus for no apparent reason and saying to Shelli that Jason is gunning for Shelli.  Of course Shelli finds out that Jason said no such thing.  So maybe Audrey will be a target after all this week?  WHO FUCKING CARES?

Status & Standings:

BB17_Ep12_StandingsHeads of Household:  Liz & Shelli
Nominated for Eviction:  Jackie & James, Jason & John
Battle of the Block Winners:  Jackie & James
Deposed Head of Household:  Liz
Remaining Head of Household:  Shelli

I still like my drawings.  But please, Big Brother producers, give me a reason to care about this show.  You managed to pick obscenely normal and unexciting people.  That’s great for real life, but this show needs some crazy.  It needs some crazy, STAT.

Next, Audrey is FINALLY nominated –>

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