“Are Those Space Pants?”

BB17 Episode 3 – June 28, 2015

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The moment that made this episode kind of awesome was Steve’s totally unexpected Flirt Line to Liz. There had been talk just previously about pick-up lines being used, but Steve masterfully lobbed out his seemingly serious question to Liz, asking her “Are those Space Pants?” I know I was actually kind of wondering if this nerdy guy actually noticed something neat, and you could tell everyone else was too, as Liz even checked her pants out.  Then he lays down the, “Because your ass is out of this world” and it was just awesome.

BB17_ep3_LizSpacePantsSo good on ya, Steve, although I think it’s going to keep taking that kind of charm and personality to save your skin.  But I jumped right into this episode without any kind of warning, didn’t I?

And oh, here’s an apology of sorts for doing that to you and not having a hot pic of Clay lead this post:


The BB Takeover Reward, Revealed!

BB17_ep3_BBT_Philreturns BB17_ep3_BBT_ReactionPhil returned to the video screen to start off our episode and revealed just what was in store for Da’Vonne and Vanessa.  Both of the ladies were sure it was a good thing, and I have to agree that their inclination was right.  Of COURSE it was going to be a reward this first time, but best know that the next volunteer situation will certainly NOT be.  If anything, it’ll probably be a Surprise Slop Punishment.  Anyway, the reward was an Amazing Race-style Fast Forward to next week – but to make the reward have some teeth, each also had to select another houseguest to get that benefit too.

At this point, it’s a little early in the game and alliances aren’t fully formed yet, so picking nearly anyone makes sense.  Shelli got rightly annoyed that Da’Vonne was indicating she wouldn’t pick her or Audrey in order to avoid suspicion.  I think that fear is justified later in the game, but this early, no one would care.

BB17_ep3_BBT_VanessaAustin BB17_ep3_BBT_DaVonneLizSo they get 30 minutes to make their decision and a mad rush of interviews are conducted.  While the pics above spoil the choices, with Da’Vonne choosing Liz and Vanessa picking Austin, there were some other conversations that were interesting.  Shelli’s reaction to them was one, as was Da’Vonne’s advice to Steve, as everyone considers him this season’s “Ian” which is a concern.  She tells him to up his social game, which I think he did well with that joke at the headline.  More of that, Steve!  I like you.

Some Notable Relationships to Discuss

BB17_EP3_ShelltownFirst, and most obnoxiously (?), we have a Dudebro alliance in full effect consisting of Jace and Austin.  They’re frankly harmless, so far, and it’s mostly that my eyes can’t roll hard enough when I hear them talk.  Their BroCode rules in the kitchen and their shellphone conversations were silly and stupid, and I think everyone is on the same page with that, but gameplay-wise, they’ve now established an obvious alliance to the house.  We know it’s called “ShellTown” but everybody else just knows that two very strong guys have allied.  This action has made Jace a target, along with the fact that Jace on his own is a threat.

BB17_ep3_JackieJeffStrategizeThe Amazing Race pair, Jackie & Jeff, are also concerned about how they’re perceived, so they’re going to make it seem like they’re not close at all and are playing as individuals.  It doesn’t help that they are cuddling like this and other houseguests see it, but we’ll have to see what future developments are in store. Jeff seems to be under the radar, for now, and Jackie…well, we’ll get into that a little bit later.

BB17_ep3_ClayShelli_ShowmanceThe first Showmance looks to be upon us, with Clay and Shelli shamelessly flirting with each other.  She’s up front about being divorced and OLD (just kidding – but it’s funny that her being 33 or something is like a shameful thing in this house) and he tells us he likes OLDer women, and then they pledge to each other to keep secret anything they tell the other.  I wonder if his Football Orgy secret will come out!!??? That statement is in fact a blatant rumor I’m starting because if it really happened and was videotaped, you’re making $$$.  Anyway, I thought he was going to talk about his Football Past, which I still don’t know how that’s a negative, but maybe that’s for another day.  It does seem like Shelli is poised to have herself a new alliance/Final 2, which is good for her, because….

BB17_ep3_NewAlliance….a new agreement is forming that Shelli is definitely not a part of. First, Da’Vonne tells Audrey she’s concerned about Shelli’s relationship with Clay, and thinks Shelli’s priority will be him over her.  Audrey & Jason are also aligned due to culture bonds, and with everyone aware that Jace & Austin have an alliance, those two seem to be as good a target as any.  Jason & James were also trying to form some plans and they both want to get rid of strong guys first, so when these four all got together, it was a bunch of like minds thinking the same thing.  So they’ve connected, at least for this week.  I’m drawing this as a dotted line arrangement though, as none of this really seems permanent.  Convenient for now, but not lasting.  We’ll see?

Let’s Hurt Some Feelings! Nominations Time!

BB17_ep3_NominationsThe Foursome make Jace their true target but want to backdoor him, but to do that, they have to not nominate him at all and nominate 4 pawns. So Jason & James make their cases to lots of people about putting them up as pawns but stressing to each of those potentials that they’re TRULY pawns.  Like every season, we know that pawns get fucked on the regular, but they are a necessary strategy especially if trying to take down a huge physical threat.  Of course, no one wants to BE the pawn in this strategies, as duh.

BB17_ep3_NomsRevealedRegardless of pleas not to be the pawn, 4 people did have to go up.  Becky wasn’t thrilled at all while the others were more resigned to their fate.  And can I just point out that John the Dentist is one strange dude?  Strange strange strange – I take back my “Douche” accusations in my last post as Austin & Jace fit that bill more accurately.  John is just…odd.

A Sky-High Battle of the Block

Yes, that’s a cheesy title, but it’s hard to be original.  I did like this competition’s mechanics as it required balance, agility, and speed.  Each nominated duo had a construction beam that they both had to cross, each carrying a block.  After making it across the many obstacles on that beam, that block had to be placed in order to make a skyscraper.  First to do that and ring back in wins.

BB17_ep3_BotB1 BB17_ep3_BotB2 BB17_ep3_BotB3 BB17_ep3_BotB4_SteveSteven wasn’t having the best luck at the balance thing and eventually resorted to crawling across the beam.  You know, it was at least a strategy to avoid constantly falling, although his baby shuffles across the beam did endlessly entertain the houseguest onlookers.

BB17_ep3_BotB5In the end, Jason’s nominees, Becky & John, were victorious, although it was a pretty close competition.  Becky told us that while Jason had assured her she wasn’t a target, she fully intends to get some payback and has no hesitation about putting Jason up if she has the chance.  And that’s how the Big Brother cookie crumbles…

Status & Standings

BB17_Ep3_StandingsRemaining Head of Household:  James
Deposed Head of Household:  Jason
Nominated for Eviction: Becky & John (Jason), Steve & Jackie (James)
BB Takeover Winners of the Fast Forward: Da’Vonne & Liz, Vanessa & Austin

The diagram is a big ol’ mess, admittedly.  I’m not removing the girls’ “alliance” just yet as I think until it’s officially off, it’s possible they’ll come back to it.  Likewise, I didn’t think the new Foursome is a true, solid alliance either, so they’re just circled by a dashed line.  ShellTown is legit though.  And Shelli and Clay are certainly a showmance.  We’ll see what happens and if Jace ends up backdoor’d on Wednesday’s episode…

Next, let’s see people wildly overplay the game! –>

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