Toasting Mad Men’s Ending, and other stuff

We got home from Magic Mountain way earlier than closing time as there was some good good television to watch on Sunday night.  Game of Thrones didn’t disappoint while also setting off quite a few people in the viewing audience as the ending scene was horrific….because it depicted the brutal and awful wedding night consummation of Sansa with Ramsay. Sansa-Theon-e1431929013199-1940x1089 We all know Ramsay is a terrible bastard in all meanings of the word but he’s also depraved, and we were hoping Sansa wasn’t going to become a victim yet again.  Here we are though, left with the awful image of Theon/Reek having to witness what we can only hear.  Will Sansa emerge from this a victim, or is this a necessary evil she willingly suffered in order to continue the hopeful revenge story of the Starks against all their betrayers?  Who knows? We’re firmly in non-book territory with this plot point as what happened in Book 5 was with a fake-Arya character and was far more horrific than what happened this episode.  I’m going to hold out hope that Sansa isn’t made into a victim yet again and also inserts Littlefinger as her ultimate target for retaliation.  But of course, only when the time is right.  That motherfucker deserves a whole lot of payback.

Mad-Men_LogoBut yeah, the best part of the TV night was the series finale of Mad Men.  It was a wonderful hour+ of television and a very fitting end to the series.  Lots of happy-ish moments found within, including a Peggy-Stan relationship long in the making, Joan taking the reins of her life and not waiting on some man to make it okay, Roger finding happiness with a lady who matches him perfectly, the Campbells OWNING their new station in life as they head to their waiting Learjet….those things were awesome.  Don Draper’s existential crisis though?  That was amazing to behold.  Devastating, but amazing.  And then to see him pull through at the very end and it implied he came up with the most famous Coke ad of all time? Mad-Men-finale-690 LOVED IT.  That smirk at the end was just perfect  – he’s made it finally through this cycle of pain, and he’s ready for the next cycle to begin.  I hope, as much as one can hope things for fictional characters, that he is there for his children as that was still the saddest and most tragic part of the hour.  But I think even if he still remains at the level of engagement he had before with them, Sally will pull it off.  Man, what a ride this show was.  Just an amazing series, and one that’ll be sorely missed now.  I’m just glad it went out on a high note and stuck the landing….coughLOSTcough….

In other things?  Work is certainly picking up!  I’m nervous, excited, and all around ready for this to get going!  I just hate the stress I cause myself when I’m in this phase.  Let’s do this!

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