Later: Happy Birthday Harv (T-110)

Mom and Harv are in Vegas now so I’m sure they’re enjoying Mother’s Day and Birthday!

In the meantime, Dad and Pat came over today and cooked up some good food. That was awesome to have but I know I better not get too used to it as they’re only here for the summer.

Okay, so who’s watching the Survivor:Fiji finale? Awesomeness. We now know what ‘will have America talking’ – Dreamz’ refusal to give Yau-Man his immunity idol, in violation of their ‘agreement’, was awesome. Fucked up, but you know what, it was still awesome. To think you can actually trust peoples’ words out here is ridiculous. As Dreamz actually pointed out, it’s a game. Trying to play with ‘integrity’ in Survivor is ludicrous. My only backpedaling on this is that for Dreamz to have claimed that he wants to play so his son will be proud was where he messed up. If he hadn’t done that, I think people would have considered that an awesome move. Yau-Man was a fool to trust in the deal. Now I’m just curious to see where this goes!

In other website news, I have put up Day 3 of the Europe pictures. Not as many photos as the first 2 pages, but LOTS of story and narrative. Enjoy!

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