Howard Stern & Madonna

Howard Stern interviewed Madonna on his show and the interview is FASCINATING.  They are two very strong people and so he (and Robin) aren’t at all afraid to ask her hard questions.  She’s just as strong and isn’t afraid to answer questions.  I just love it.

She’s amazing, as is Howard.  And I’ve been listening to the entirety of Rebel Heart more and more and it keeps getting better and better.  I think I still like the first half of the album more at this point, but I mocked “Holy Water” in a previous post and damn I’m finding I really love it too.  There’s a line from it that cracks me the hell up…”Bitch, get off my pole”….how awesome is that.  Like I said, I will get into the album a bit more in depth in some time.  It’s just great to enjoy though.

full-dates-and-cities-for-madonna-s-rebel-heart-tour-unveiledAnd oh yeah:  I got my mothafuckin’ tickets today to Madonna’s show at the Forum in October!!!!!  I can not wait!!!!  Thanks Citibank for the pre-sale awesomeness!

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