The Next Chapter is Starting

No sooner did I finish writing up my previous post today about Big Bear did I get some fantastic news!   After about 2 months of interviews and stressful waiting, I finally got the word from PwC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) that I got the job!!!!  I am so thankful and relieved and excited and psyched!

This first morning of (f)unemployment was a bit nuts for me as I realized that I still didn’t have a clear idea of what I was going to do now even if my $$ situation wasn’t dire.  I had resolved to get into a rhythm of doing online learning and making sure I was being productive, only allowing myself to game or such as a reward later in the day.  I’d done some work on Udemy and then did the pictures post as my reward when I saw on the side of my site that my Missy Elliott/Under Construction post was in my ‘popular posts’ section.  I clicked through and immediately knew I wanted to watch the linked “Gossip Folks” video.  It was about halfway through the video and right when Ludacris begins his rap when my phone rang….and the rest is history.  It’s such a fucking relief…..and here’s to 2015 continuing in this vein.  “Gossip Folks” definitely went from a favorite song to a “lucky” song!

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