The 100 Greatest Madonna Songs |

The 100 Greatest Madonna Songs |

How awesome is it that this week has become ALL ABOUT MADONNA?  She’s performing the half-time show at the Super Bowl and she just released her first single and video from the upcoming MDNA album (which I of course have pre-ordered from iTunes to get the 3 bonus songs)!

The gay website posted their top 100 Madonna songs.  I would agree on quite a few of these being in the top 100 if maybe not agreeing on the placement.  But I am surprised at Hard Candy‘s very poor showing in this listing.  It was definitely not a fave album for many and it took me quite a while to get into it too, but damn, only “4 Minutes” made it and that was at like 96?  Anyway, to ruin any suspense, they chose “Vogue” as the #1 song.  It’s hard, very hard, to argue with that one. It’s such an iconic song for her as well as the 1990s.  “Greta Garbo and Monroe, Dietrich and DiMaggio…”

If you haven’t had a chance to listen or see her latest song/video for “Give Me All Your Lovin'”, here it is!

Updated to add how much I love the scene at 3:09 into the video where Madonna falls from the sky into the footballers’ arms.  She is caught and has a great big grin on her face, revealing how much fun she’s having.  Upon getting on her feet she immediately slaps on the bitchy yet amused face.  First time I saw that was when I was charmed by this video.  Madonna’s actually having fun in this.  I am definitely a fan of this initial single from the album.  I looked at the track titles of the remaining songs and I gotta say, I have no idea what a song called “Gang Bang” is going to sound like.  Some torchy ballad like “Live to Tell”?  …..probably not.

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