“Clash of the Not-So-Titans”

BB16 Episode 7: July 9, 2014

I wanted to write something profound as my headline, as a lot of terrible gameplay was exhibited during this episode.  Yet there was also some surprisingly good gameplay from certain corners that fascinated me!  Then there was just some clashes that ended up leading to nothing, and of course there was an incomplete Veto meeting….all combining into one immensely enjoyable episode.

The Bomb Squad, Ignited

BB16_Ep7_BombSquad_DissentersAfter the last episode’s Battle of the Block competition, and Devin’s continued insistence about Brittany’s eviction, cracks started to form in the Bomb Squad.  We first had the 4 pictured here, Zach, Cody, Christine and Derrick being the most dissatisfied with Devin’s leadership and openly talking about getting rid of Devin as soon as possible because he’s erratic.  Glad they noticed that!

BB16_Ep7_PuppydogCaleb BB16_Ep7_MoreFracturesThen we get Caleb having a flirt-session with Amber and looking adorable doing so, which gets Devin all hot and bothered.  When will they confess their love openly?  So while Devin is stewing in the corner accusing Amber of being dangerous, he ends up not being too far off the mark as the discussion starts happening amongst the hammock group that Brittany’s a target only because Devin is insisting on it.  Everyone agrees that they’re sick of Devin’s dictatorship.  Caleb tries to chat with Devin privately about changing the target to Paola instead and Devin freaks out.  Everyone in the house is on pins and needles while Frankie dubs it the “Clash of the Not-So-Titans.”  In the backyard after Devin gets some solo ranting done, he tells Caleb they’re done.  SUCH DRAMA.  Just kiss, guys, it’ll be easier.

The Bomb Squad, Defused but Charred

BB16_Ep7_CalebDevin_ReconciliationThe next day or so, the arguing couple hashes out all the hurtful things that were said.  Emotions run high, clothes fly off, and the lights go out….oh wait!  What am I talking about?  Is it hot in here?  Okay, so clothes were getting put on during this convo, but in the end, Caleb and Devin resume their alliance and agree to have each other back, and just when things are seemingly good, Caleb reveals that he isn’t down with wanting to get rid of Devin, at all.  BB16_Ep7_DevinSmellsBloodIt’s all like, WhhhhaaaaAAAA? on Devin’s part at that comment.  Oh, stupid, sweet, stupid Caleb.  You had to have known that was stupid, right?  Or maybe it’s cunning strategy.  So then another Devin-hosted Bomb Squad meeting is thrown, and when Caleb’s confession is laid out, the only fool who pipes up is Zach.  Sweet, obnoxious, Zach, what in the HELL do you think you’re doing?

BB16_Ep7_FrankieCounselsZachSo yeah, Zach becomes public enemy #1 to Devin.  Frankie tries to explain to Zach just how stupid that whole moment was, as you just do NOT tell crazy people things that are the truth as crazy people don’t want to hear the truth.  It’s terrible gameplay.   Zach is in way over his head in this situation he’s gotten himself into, confessing to us in the DR that he has no clue what to do.  It’s obvious he doesn’t as even when he tries to smooth things over with Devin, Devin isn’t having one bit of it.  Even worse, Zach decides that he’ll offer himself up as a replacement nominee at the Power of Veto ceremony if need be to make Devin feel better.

Hobie’s Calling a House Meeting

EVERYONE, I NEED YOUR ATTENTION!!!!  House Meeting Time!!!  Okay, everyone here?  So, just to make sure that everyone’s clear, I want to talk about how best to make it in this house and in this game.  Here’s what you do, all in one easy step:  Ask yourself what Zach would do….and then DON’T DO THAT.   Alright, thanks everyone, hope you can get back to sleep.  Just wanted to get that off my chest….hey, hey, Devin!!  I didn’t say massage Caleb’s chest sensually!  Okay, okay, I like where you’re going with this, continue.  House meeting adjourned!

Power of Veto Competition Time

BB16_Ep7_VetoComp BB16_Ep7_Veto_AstroEntranceWe’re getting a lot of repeat challenges in this front part of the season, but at least they’re really going for it with regards to set design!  Here’s the challenge where you have to balance all 10 items (planets named after previous alliances in this case) at once on this wobbly mobile.  It’s a challenging task and requires patience – Derrick almost wins this one but to everyone’s dismay, Devin handily beats them all.  Not even sure Paola was aware of having to actually compete.

The Post-Veto Wonder of Brittany


So we’ve got Zach doing absolutely everything wrong in one corner, whether it’s jumping off a cliff and finding himself utterly alone, trying to win Devin’s favor and failing miserably, and then offering himself up as a replacement nominee…..and then we have Brittany.  OH SNAP.  Brittany just conducted a masterclass in how to get out of a jam.  It’s been clear since she was nominated by Devin that she absolutely loathes him.  After he got fixated on her as a target for daring to speak against him, it seemed all hope was gone.  If I had speculated in my last post about who was going home this week, I’d have sadly said Brittany.  Then the “Zach Attack” occurred as did the conversation pictured above.  Brittany played Devin brilliantly, appealing to his shared status as a parent and knowing that tugging at his emotions would do the trick.  OH BOY DID IT!  I wasn’t sure it would work…but in the DR, Devin confesses it did.  He then rats out Paola to Brittany, informing her that Paola threw the Battle of the Block.  OH SHIT.

Power of Veto Ceremony: Zach’s Folly


After we got Paola’s voguing in lieu of a pleading speech, Brittany threw down and confirmed to Devin she’s not going after him and actually going after Paola. Devin then did the unimaginable (at least as of an episode ago) and took Brittany off the block and threw Zach up there.   Zach pledges revenge in the DR…..but then when the Veto music is ramping up, it cuts out as Brittany interjects that she has something to say….TO BE CONTINUED.  HOLY SHIT CBS, YOU CAN’T DO THAT TO US!!!

LarryLarry mentioned last night that Devin really wasn’t too wrong about Brittany in the first place.  She really is a threat and should be targeted over Paola.  Sure, Paola is a Grade-A Idiot, but she’s basically harmless.  Probably annoying as fuck, but still not a threat to your game.  So for the rest of the Bomb Squad to decide Paola is worth splintering over is pretty insane.   I can’t argue with that logic and think Devin has made a terrible mistake in keeping Brittany.  I love the decision for my own entertainment as I just think Devin’s bound to be out pre-jury; I just can’t wait to see who is responsible for it.

Status and Standings:

BB16_Ep7_StandingsHead of Household: Devin
Nominated for Eviction:  Brittany and Paola
Power of Veto Winner:  Devin
Veto Used?  Yes, on Brittany
Replacement Nominee:  Zach

So a lot of shit happened this episode!  I de-colored Devin and Caleb’s loveline.  It’s black for now, but I think it’ll turn pink soon again.  🙂  Also illustrated is Zach’s perilous status as not really in the Bomb Squad anymore, although we’ll see after tonight if that is permanent or not.  Also, we finally have a complete Team America:TeamAmerica

There it finally is!  It’s an interesting grouping and more power to them for earning some extra $$$, but the tasks we got to vote on don’t leave me with too much hope that this will be anything too influential on the game.

Of course, we need an update on the last and most important competition point:BB16_Ep7_CalebVcody

Rankings as of Episode 7:  Caleb, 4; Cody, 1

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