Dammit, Unnamed Survivor Contestant, why you?

Survivor: Cagayan (Season 28) – Episode 8: Bag of Tricks

LJ….blissfully unaware LJ

Survivor, dammit, how could you let this happen?  How could you let “Unnamed” (pictured, here, and not named so that my FB share won’t accidentally reveal a spoiler) get so clearly outplayed?  By Tony, the ADDest of Strategists, or rather, the “Opportunist” (ugh, that name…), of all people.  Absolutely everyone was witnessing his paranoia and seemingly well aware of his need to “make moves” so how could LJ so blatantly miss out on what was happening against him?  And wow, Woo certainly isn’t the brightest of bulbs, is he, to so easily fall for Tony’s suggestions?

Antsy Tony and Pawn Woo

Mind you, I’m LOVING this season of Survivor.  It really is full of a bunch of great characters, whether it’s “Chaos Kass” who makes completely impulsive and emotional moves but she claims it’s strategy; or Tasha, who along with Spencer, managed to survive the ludicrous Brains tribe and keep fighting her way to the end.  I loved that she won Immunity this time after being so close last week.  Spencer is also a favorite as just like Tasha, keeps charging ahead.  And you know who else is kicking ass?  Trish!  Even though she had her dustups with that wacko Lindsay at the beginning, she always had a level head and is making super smart moves along the way.

Chaos Kass and Crafty Trish

I have no idea who is set to win this all but I’m enjoying the ride, immensely.  I had to share this extra video below of LJ’s arrival at Ponderosa, which is where the jury members go after getting voted off. It’s glorious – he’s so fucking hot.  Then he decides to go for a beach workout…..I swear I’m getting the vapors up in here.  Where’s my fainting couch?


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