Survivor: Cagayan – Well, THAT was a Move!

Survivor 28: Cagayan – Episode 7

April 2, 2014

Admittedly, I haven’t been the best at keeping up to date on this here site concerning the latest season of Survivor!  But don’t think that means I haven’t been watching as I have and this season has been vastly entertaining.

We first got to witness the Brains tribe continue to self-destruct until finally the producers just had to stop the bleeding and go to 2 tribes.   Surprisingly, the remaining Braining Threesome (Spencer, Tasha and Kass) ended up on the same tribe and realized there was power in their bond.  It looked like a road to the finals was awaiting them.  But alas, the best laid plans frequently turn to shit.


In this episode, Sarah the Cop realized her prime position of being a 6th for either of the 2 five-person alliances and completely overplayed her hand owing to her massive inability to play a social game.  But Sarah wasn’t the only one who can play a socially terrible game!  Oh no, Kass wanted in on this.  So while the Brains+Morgan+Jeremiah were concocting their strategy with Sarah, she kept demanding and insisting that the vote go towards a guy on the other tribe, specifically LJ or Tony.  She was sure neither had idols (wrong) and the girls were the wrong focus for now.  Kass strongly disagreed and resented that Sarah was getting to make the decision.  Even worse, when Tasha tried to do the socially-strong move of repairing this clearly obvious rift between Sarah and Kass, Kass took that as a sign that Tasha no longer was on Kass’ side.  HOLY SHIT.  So, now that she is “on the outs” and wants to punish Sarah, Trish wisely and slyly offers Kass the opportunity to come over and make that happen.


This was an amazing episode!  And it wasn’t anywhere close to being done, as Tribal Council really was exciting.  Tony was clearly wired and ready to be the target, going so far as to declare and eventually display his found Hidden Immunity Idol.  The Brains+M+J alliance makes a big show of “vote for the other one” then, which only intensifies Tony’s grin, as he’s already got this whole scenario mapped out.  Everyone will vote for LJ, then Tony gives his HII to LJ, and BAM! So the vote goes and no vote is shown, and it’s really not clear what’s going to happen.  Before the votes are read, Tony enacts Step 1 of his plan and after “verifying” the idol’s authenticity and looking like he’s about to play it, he gives it to LJ to play.  The Brains+M+J alliance look amused.  Then LJ decides to break out his HII and give it to Tony!  The B+M+J alliance now look PISSED.  I was starting to think they had followed Sarah’s plan to vote for one of the guys at that point, but when Jeff read the first vote for Jefra, I started cackling.  Holy crap, 2 idols just got burned for no reason!  So it goes to 5 votes for Jefra, 5 votes for Sarah…with one left.  And then boom, Kass’ needless betrayal is complete as Sarah is voted out.

I really don’t see an upside of Kass’ move for her.  For everyone on Tony’s side, for sure, this was amazing.  But Kass just jacked herself up.  I was thinking that she’d not make the move and enjoy the fact that Sarah had been proven clearly wrong about Tony having HII and then getting all the votes, but still voting out Jefra and retaining the trust of her core Brains as well as the trust of Jeremiah, Morgan, and Sarah.  But nope,  Sarah needed to be dispensed with and Tasha betrayed her, so byyyyyyeeee!  Everyone knew it was Kass who flipped and she was quite unapologetic about it, prompting Spencer to say out loud that she just ensured she has zero chance of winning the game.  That remains to be seen (I agree with Kass), but unless she can do some masterful spinning, I’m pretty sure Spencer’s right.  Great episode!

And here’s a picture of LJ looking ridiculously handsome because why not?

People this pretty make me sick.
People this pretty make me sick.

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