Instapot Fun

Larry (and Fran) had gotten me an Instapot for my birthday – and we got to put it to good use the first week.   I had been so motivated by the cookbook I saw at the Barnes & Noble back in New Jersey that I got the cookbook first without even having an Instapot, that once we finally did have it, we had to dive in.   As you’ll see, it was successful and a lot of fun for us – I don’t think Larry expected me to be so into it, as cooking was more his thing and not mine.   But I loved the gimmick of cooking all in one pot.  Of course the mise en place is where all the real work goes.  These two meals took place a few days apart – unfortunately we had a worrisome time in between as Larry’s abdomen started to swell and City of Hope basically got very concerned about what was happening.   It’s so fucking unfair what happened, as I write about this in March 2020.  Fuck all of it.

First Recipe – Chicken Tikka Masala, Oct 26, 2019:

Second Recipe – Coq Au Vin, Oct 29, 2019:

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