Our Old Concrete Neighbor Says Adieu

Can’t say it’s a surprise, but the fortress-like Sears that was next door to where Larry & I lived in Glendale is finally shutting down in March.   That place was not something you’d call attractive, but it certainly was a landmark.   Apparently even my aunt Helen worked there when she was a teenager!

Anyway, I always laughed while walking by there as they NEVER fixed the neon lights on its exterior, the entire time we lived there.   One of the signs, facing away from Central, had the “E” burned out, so the sign was for “SA RS”.  Recently before we left, the featured image above was one I took where another sign just said ” EAR “.

Anyway, it’s sad I guess that the store is going away, but also, probably something else can go there.   In Glendale’s case, likely another apartment building is gonna go up, but maybe Larry’s long-dreamed-of Crate & Barrel will show up.  🙂

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