Oh, Wilhelmina…and man, I miss Ugly Betty!






Vanessa Williams was one of the many amazing actors who had perfect comedic timing in Ugly Betty.  I can’t remember what this episode was or what she’s reacting to, but it has to be a case where Betty was behind the reception desk instead of Amanda.  Unless it was a situation where Amanda was grossing out.  God, I loved this show!!!!

Update:  Did the research tonight to figure out which season and episode it was:  Season 4’s episode “Chica and the Man.”  I barely remember that final season but did rewatch this episode and it was hilarious as it involved Wilhelmina meeting her drag impersonator.  This scene above though is when Wilhelmina encounters Amanda’s replacement at the reception desk: Helen, played hilariously by Kristen Johnston.  So great.  Man, I miss this show so much.

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