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Happy Valentine’s Day!

This picture was taken near the end of the night of our wedding, and serves to remind me that I ended up posting just a handful of the official pictures from that amazing day and that there are a lot to see.  This one was our homage to Mad Men, and it mostly works!   So here’s a Happy Valentine’s Day in advance – we’ll be heading out to dinner tomorrow night in DTLA, so that’ll be fun!

Getting Married

I wanted to have a central portal on my site where one could easily find all the pictures around our wedding, reception, and activities leading up to it, so this page is now created.  I’ll eventually add to this to include our professional pictures, as they’re AWESOME, but that’s gonna take some work.  Stay tuned?

Wedding Links:

3 Years Ago….Gorgeous Montenegro

Google photos has a feature that helps remind you of past memories you’ve happened to take pictures of, and today’s reminder of travels past is that 3 years ago today, Larry & I took our excursion into Kotor in Montenegro.  It was an initially dreary and rainy day, but the clouds parted and the scenery was unveiled as just amazing….

Med Cruise II: Surprising Kotor

And holy shit, I just saw that WordPress will automatically make some nice little clickable box for you if you link a separate wordpress page into it.  Awesome.

It just makes me excited to think about our upcoming trip in September to Paris & London!

I also thought I’d show some other pictures from this month that are random and may not exactly fit into anything except being some of our wedding gifts:

Pretty great stuff there – that wood carving blows my mind how intricate it is.  Guess Dad is still feeling good at the ol’ saw.

Weekend Update

Larry & I got our first experience with the latest incarnation of Virtual Reality (VR) through Brian, as he finally got his HTC Vive VR kit.  We went over to his place, along with Nicki and Kevin, and after a great lunch at Aroma Cafe, got to finally experience what is truly only the beginning with how things might go in terms of immersion.

tweedievrYou do have to wear that contraption on your head and hold those controllers in each hand, but seriously, once you turn the system on it is utterly mind-blowing what happens to your sense of reality.  You’re really feeling like you’re there – I mean, I get it, you’re basically shoving two screens right up against your face, but it’s fucking amazing.  We got to play a few different games, with one especially cool as you’re in this platform in some space city and flying drones come at you.  The two controllers in your hand become laser pistols, seriously, and you have to try to shoot the drones down.  When a shot is coming your way, something like the Matrix’s bullet-time happens and you can then dodge the lasers.  Oh yeah, the Vive setup includes two camera sensors that you use to define your play area, so you can walk around for real immersion.  It’s pretty damn awesome.  I’m not quite tempted yet to buy one for our house, as I would want the Vive and we definitely don’t have a dedicated space for something like that.  But we certainly are ready to go visit Brian again and play!

weddingpartyAnd OH YEAH, the photographer got back to us with our wedding pictures, and they’re fucking amazing.  At the moment, I don’t have electronic versions to share, but our copies are on their way.  In the meantime, we have access only via a locked-down website, but I was able to get this version by screenshotting the display.  It’s only a hint of the amazingness though.  Seriously, our photographers managed to capture our wedding wonderfully.   Once I’ve got our digital copies, I’ll be sure to share.  So good.

WtPwyTuOqAzj.878x0.Z-Z96KYqAs for video games I’m currently addicted to, that would definitely be XCOM 2, the sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown / Enemy Within.   I recently got sucked back into those first games and focused on beating the game as the last time I got to the final level, got hopelessly obliterated.  Well, this last time I won, and it was glorious.  It’s funny though, that most players never do beat the first XCOM game, so in XCOM 2, the story assumes you did lose and the Earth got taken over by aliens.  Now it’s up to you to overthrow the alien government.  The graphics are improved, the game is just as challenging if not more so, and the customization of your crew is pretty damn fun.  Yeah, I have a Steve Rogers character who doesn’t wear a shirt.  So what?

Sunday run - 22 May 2016 - 7 miles

And yesterday, Larry & I went for a run, and I got over 7 miles.  Hells yeah.  Sure, there were some brief periods of having to walk, but they were short and I always got back to running.  It’s awesome to be able to run this much again!

Alright, that’s the weekend, I guess.  Now it’s a week of work that I’m feeling might have lots of things to think about.  Will soon see, I guess?

Getting Hitched: Party Time!

Now that all was said and done and the hard parts were all over, it was time to eat, drink, and dance!  Right after the ceremony, Larry & I went up to the upper deck area where we were going to take our official pictures with the photographer, while the guests were invited to go into the penthouse to partake in the opening of the bar!  Yay!   We provided just wine and beer for consumption, hopefully to avoid people getting too wasted (better luck next time!).  During the cocktail hour, we had tray-passed hors d’oeuvres available for everyone, including:

  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • Kahlua pot stickers with a sweet soy dipping sauce
  • 4-cheese macaroni and cheese on Asian spoons
  • Mini crab cakes with a dill and cocktail sauce
  • Kobe beef sliders with cheddar cheese & caramelized onions on a pretzel bun

YUM.  We had a chance to eat all of these back in January during our menu tasting – knowing full well eating was going to be a luxury during this day, as everyone told/warned us!

So in addition to the bar being open, the Photo Booth was also available and that ended up being something truly surprising, as not only did we get a great book that collected copies of all these pictures, but people also signed that too.  We recently just got all the electronic versions of these too, but I’ll refrain from putting all those up as there were a ton.

Magically, during that cocktail hour, the ceremony setup was transformed into the reception tables and dance floor area!  Larry’s seat map helped guide everyone to their tables, and the wedding party soon made our entrance into the area, with Larry & I immediately beginning our first dance to The Hollies’ “The Air That I Breathe.”  We did spend a little time working out which song would make the most sense for us and we ultimately came down to this one, which we both just love!

Happily for everyone else, after that dance, dinner was available!  We had it buffet style, with these courses available:

  • Served Caesar salad (which we were glad was done, as that way everyone did have some food to eat while waiting for their table to get called)
  • Breads
  • Prime Rib carved by a chef
  • Fresh King salmon marinated in olive oil and herbs with a lemon herb sauce
  • Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
  • Carrots & Broccoli in soy-ginger glaze
  • Penne pasta, broccolini, sun dried tomatoes and arugula

YUM, again.

The toasts from Nicki & Michancy started that next period off, and I know we were blown away by what was said.  Kelly Dean came up next and informed the world of Harry & Lobie, as did Cousin Erin and Cousin Jamie.  But maybe the real star of the toast section was Aunt Helen, who everyone certainly remembered and wanted to know if she was available for parties!

Dances with the moms followed, with Larry & Fran dancing to Carole King’s “So Far Away” while my mom & I danced to The Rolling Stones’ “She’s a Rainbow.”  Dancing dancing dancing then began in earnest, and we then got to what I had been waiting nearly 40 years for, dancing the Hora for our wedding.  So much fun….until the terrifying part where we then got lifted into chairs…let me just say, that’s terrifying as fuck.  See below the fun/horror!

Mazel tov, Lobie & Harry!! #latergram #DTLA @hobiewan76 @lglevene

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Sometime around 10:45pm, we finally got the cake, and MAN, it was good.  We had gotten our cake from Porto’s and the top layer was vanilla cake but the middle layer was chocolate…so when we cut into that top layer, people were happy to get some cake, but when they saw there was also a chocolate layer, a lot of people got a 2nd piece.  Yum.  Of course, when cutting the cake, there was cake shoved in each others’ mouths.  YUM.

I guess after that, it was just dancing under the stars, drinking, and enjoying the end of a 6-month period of planning and stress and realizing the damn thing had gone off fantastically.  We loved our wedding so much.  We wouldn’t have changed a thing.  As people started leaving, and things started to get cleaned up, we said our goodbyes and thank yous, and found that we had the dance floor to ourselves and the DJ still kept playing.  Our last dance ended up being happily ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” and it was just a perfect way to end the night.  So much fun.  So much family and friends around us to share in the love and joy.  It really was just a great day.

Anyway, here are various pictures from the reception taken by friends and family – I think today will finally be the day when we take a look at our professional pics.  Fingers crossed!

Wedding Links: