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So, yeah + Beach Afternoon pics

It’s been a week, that’s for sure!  Let’s do this bullet-point style:

  • Work was pretty busy this week.  Had a NYC contingent come out and we’re doing so much advance preparation work that I am starting to dread just what the actual work-work will be like when it’s finally time for that to occur.  Good thing about them coming out is that we will have team dinners, so that’s kind of cool and fun.
  • Worst part of the week?  Getting rear-ended on my drive into work on Wednesday morning.  Added fun was that I also had a coworker in the car with me as we were carpooling to the client site.  Even better?  There was absolutely nothing I did to contribute to this incident.  Basically, while we were all waiting on Los Feliz Blvd approaching the 5 freeway, and while I was literally stopped in traffic, the new Uber driver behind me was busy looking to see if there were any fares and apparently missed the fact everyone was stopped.  My car helped out in that regard, it seems.  It was quite a slam, and happily the seat belts kept us firmly in our seat, but we got slammed into the seats due to the force of the impact.  I had expected to see my rear bumper on the ground, but Mazda makes a pretty solid car, and I think the fact it was a solid bumper-to-bumper hit helped a lot.  But his license plate frame is firmly indented in my bumper.  He kept repeating that it was his first day as Uber driver, to which I asked if this was his first day driving too?  Probably a good thing I didn’t get my ass kicked after that, and the guy really wasn’t a bad guy about it.  But still, not a great way for the hump day to go.  Add to that that while I’m feeling quite achy, my coworker seems to have gotten whiplash-y feelings in his neck area, so that’s good times.
  • Next week I might get to be on a jury!  yayyyyyyyy…… here’s hoping I don’t.
  • We saw ‘Masterminds’ last weekend – funny, but stupid.  Love the cast though, as they always make me laugh.
  • Celebrated Sveta’s 40th birthday during brunch this past Sunday, and it was just such a good time with epic friends.  Guess I’m under 30 days now till my big day.  YAY.
  • Got way more pics to post from the honeymoon – which btw seems like such a long time ago now.  🙁  Lots of work to go through all the pictures, but I do love doing it as it really is fun to review and since I take pictures of nearly everything, it’s quite a great record of all the activities we did.  Next up is our champagne tour in France….so cool.
  • Lots of TV returned, didn’t it?  We’ve been watching the latest season of American Horror StorySurvivor, and….well, there’s other TV too, but I’m spacing out.  We finally caught up on My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and that is just the best show.  So good.
  • Larry sent me the following Instagram feeds of seriously hot doctors that for some reason have to do with his work.   Somehow I love it but also want to know just why this has to do with work?  😉  (Spoiler: I don’t care and am just jealous)
  • Alright, I guess I’m done talking about stuff?  Here are some pictures I took from two weekends ago when we had another PwC beach day.  I ended up making really good burger patties – ask anyone.  🙂

2016 09 24 – ARCA Afternoon at the Beach


Drama Can’t Derail the Plan

BB18 Episode 8 – July 7, 2016

<– Previously, Tiffany is definitely Vanessa’s sister

I’m gonna keep this recap short.  I’m not feeling like diving too deep into this episode as while a lot of stuff seems to be set up for future fireworks, nothing ignited and the eviction went along as planned.  BOO.  🙂  Also, I kinda want to get back into Rise of the Tomb Raider as it’s freakin’ fantastic and I think I’m near the end.  It’s been sooo good.

Despite the 8-Pack Drama…

BB18_Ep8_Victor_JulieVictor still found himself sitting with Julie after getting evicted 9-1.  Why?  Because it seems that even though Tiffany annoyed pretty much everyone in any of her alliances, other drama crept in.  We had the “5th Wheel Lovers’ Alliance” start to creep in within the 8-Pack, in which Zakiyah and Paulie, seemingly close to being a couple, are considering their final alliance to be with DaVonne and Nicole & Corey.  DaVonne immediately considers that option unacceptable, privately, as she doesn’t want to be a fifth wheel.  I honestly think that’s the perfect place to be – you’re the decider when it comes to which pair you want to stay with.  Maybe she’ll see that eventually.  But then Frank also started being a bit more “Frank-like” in his decisions and demeanor, unilaterally deciding to make Paulie aware of the 8-Pack.  DaVonne sees the move as a way for Frank to cover his own ass and not something that was good for the alliance.  She’s now convinced she needs Tiffany in order to work on getting another rat out.  Oh boy.  DaVonne, I seem to remember your need to see drama everywhere around you was also a problem in your last season.  So in the end here, it seems DaVonne helped sway things away from voting out Tiffany at this junction.

The 8-Pack ended up voting unanimously for Victor to leave, much to no one’s surprise.  Victor just wasn’t made for the strategic aspects of this game, and even if he somehow manages to get back in, he’ll just be picked off again.  But maybe he’ll be a useful vote to keep around?  Eh, who knows.

New HoH, and it’s NOT a Veteran or one of their allies!

BB18_Ep8_HoHComp BB18_Ep8_BridgetteHoHEach team was competing against the other, with one team member competing at a time against another.  You had to bounce a tennis ball off the giant bouncy racket in front of you into your green square, and then the ball would fall into one of the notches.  Each notch had a point value, so whoever had the lowest notch value would get eliminated.  If you managed to bounce your ball off entirely, you’re also gone.  So many people were eliminated that way!  In the end though, the final two were Bridgette vs Paul!  Personally, I’d have loved to see Paul go apeshit in the house as an HoH with a grudge to bear, but instead we have Bridgette.  Still an interesting possibility as to what she’ll do, as she’s certainly not in the majority.  She’s likely to be bamboozled by Frank though, but it’s possible she might use her Spy Girls alliance to keep her focused?  Stay tuned, I guess.

Status & Standings:

BB18_Ep8_StandingsOutgoing Head of Household:  Paulie
Nominated for Eviction:  Tiffany, Bronte, Victor
Evicted:  Victor (9-1, with Paul voting against Bronte)
New Head of Household:  Bridgette

How is the weekend nearly over already??????  BTW, go see Secret Life of Pets– so good!

Next, fast-forward through the Bridgette/Frank week for the result of the first volley in the Frank-DaVonne cold war –>

The Tiffany Conundrum

BB18 Episode 7 – July 6, 2016

<– Previously, an unsurprising set of nominees are made while a Roadkill winner made a move which just might pay off?

Things were pretty much going as they needed to this week, with the plan to evict Victor via backdooring him not really hitting any snags.  Sure, Victor might get a chance to play Veto but that’s always a risk in this game.  But then Victor lucked into a move in the last episode that just might fucking save him, and it’s staggering how things like that just can happen, as his nomination of Tiffany was pretty much the one move he could make that might benefit him.  Unknowingly, of course!

Victor’s Potentially Lucky Move

BB18_Ep7_TiffanyGetsParanoidSo Victor nominates Tiffany and nobody really knows why, with even his allies asking what the fuck.  Completely random, but guess who doesn’t think so?  Vanessa’s sister, Tiffany!  Change the picture above in your mind – change the hair color to blonde, and you’ve got an EXACT repeat of so many Vanessa conversations from Season 17.  The tears, the paranoia, the certainty that everyone is plotting against her….oh man.

BB18_Ep7_8PackTriesToCalmTiffanyThe 8-Pack + Paulie does their best to convince her that all is well and she clearly doesn’t have to worry.  As long as Victor isn’t playing in the Veto, she can throw the competition to pretty much anyone and it’s fine.  Tiffany is the only one who CAN’T come down off the block in order to be able to put Victor up in her place, as she’s the Roadkill nominee, and the HoH doesn’t get to choose that replacement.  Easy enough plan to implement.  But no, Tiffany goes full-Vanessa and assumes it’s a plot to get her out.   Well, self-fulfilling prophecies are a dangerous thing…and DaVonne is in no mood to play with a Vanessa 2.0.

Let’s Spell!

BB18_Ep7_VetoArenaIn this season’s outing to test our houseguests’ spelling capabilities, we are treated with giant toes and toenails in a lagoon of funk.  The letters are hidden within the toenails and covered in goop, and everyone has 12 minutes to create the longest and highest-scoring word they can.

BB18_Ep7_VetoTiffanyPeople in the 8-Pack are worried that Tiffany may be a problem, but still giving her a chance to prove that she’s not going off the rails by seeing if she will throw the challenge.  After all, isn’t it too early to turn on your alliance on speculation? Continue reading The Tiffany Conundrum

The Rookies Start to Realize…Well, Bronte At Least

BB18 Episode 6 – July 3, 2016

<–Previously, we lose a game-playing master

It looks like these early episodes where the BB Roadkill is a thing means that the Sunday episode is not only an HoH Reveal & Nominations, but also the Roadkill Competition and Nomination.  That’s a lot to get through!  I think we end up losing some valuable “character building” and “strategy session” stuff due to having to force so much into one episode, but that’s where we stand.  Maybe there’s really not that much going on?  But as my title for this post insinuates, I think at least Bronte has a clue from within the Rookies crowd.  It is likely going to end up hurting her even more as she’s possibly the only one who might pose a challenge to the 8-Pack running things smoothly.  But we’ll get into that a little bit more…

So Who Won HoH?

BB18_Ep6_HoH_PaulieBlueBall BB18_Ep6_PaulieHoHNot leaving this ambiguous for ya.  Thursday’s episode ended with the HoH competition in full swing, and we found out in this episode that Category 4 couldn’t be beat.  Well, they might have been challenged by Team Unicorn (James’ team), but James threw the comp knowing full well that those on his team were ripe targets for 8-Pack.  He waited until they got to about 37 out of 40 berries collected then proceeded to “slip”, eliminating himself and wiping out Team Unicorn’s fourth row, sending them back to 30 berries.  That paved the way for an easy win, with the team (Frank) asking if Michelle or Paulie wanted the HoH.  I guess Bridgette wasn’t a consideration?  Regardless, Paulie got it for being nominated last week, and here we are.

8-Pack is of course thrilled that Paulie won HoH, even if he isn’t an official member of that alliance.  I still wonder why the hell he isn’t, but I’m not in the house.  Anyway, the next target on everybody’s list is Victor, so away we go with the machinations!

Bronte Pieces it Together, while Paul is Ready to Smash Victor Apart

BB18_Ep6_BrontePaul_ReconcileHer voice may be tres annoying, but she is quite astute about what is going on.  She’s proven she can hold her own in arguments and conversations, and in this scene here, she quite accurately told Paul what happened at the last eviction night, knowing that DaVonne and Zakiyah were the ones who lied to their faces about voting for Paulie.  Bronte insists that Paul believe her in this reckoning, and it seems he does.  But Paul has proven to be kind of stupid too, so we’ll see if she’s on her own here.  Unfortunately for Bronte, Paul ends up being a Continue reading The Rookies Start to Realize…Well, Bronte At Least

The Messiah Has Left

BB18 Episodes 4 & 5 – June 29 & 30, 2016

<– Previously, Paul Gets a Taste of Roadkill

It’s been a hectic few days at work and I got to put in more hours per day than is expected in service of the client, so here we are with me catching up on my BB recaps and doing a twofer.  To be honest, the episodes were enjoyable enough, but the outcome wasn’t a surprise when we reached eviction night:  Jozea has left the building.  Am I convinced his confidence is real?  I’d say that I’m around 70% believing that he believes it, with 30% of me thinking it’s an act as that kind of arrogance GUARANTEES you’re getting airtime.

So What Happened in Episode 4?

BB18_Ep4_Jozea_HouseMeetingWell, we got a ridiculous house meeting in which Jozea proclaimed how in control of the house his side was, in front of a crowd that at least half was totally not in his sway.  But hey, you do you.  His target is now Paulie, as Jozea’s observational powers are tuned into the fact that Jozea is a rat.  Or something.  I really don’t even know or care, just that Jozea’s observational insights leave quite a bit to be desired.  Quite a bit.

And Who Won the Veto?

BB18_Ep4_VetoComp BB18_Ep4_Veto_Corey BB18_Ep4_Veto_PaulWinsThe houseguests who were playing – still just 6, but with Nicole pulling the names of 2 people only, and if either of those names are of a nominee, they get to choose who will play – were dressed up as dogs, and after spinning around 15 times, dizzily run over to the doghouse and stack a ton of bones.  Make sure to go back and reset the timer though or else you’re eliminated.  Nobody seemed to fall prey to that this time.  In the end, Paul figured he’d just smash his bones into the two poles to form a base, and sure enough, that caveman way worked.  Paul wins Veto and gets himself off the block!

And the Replacement?

BB18_Ep4_BridgetteIsTheReplacementMiss Bridgette here, who I actually kind of like, ended up the only person that Frank, the Roadkill Winner, could realistically nominate, as the others he could choose from were all in 8-Pack.  Bridgette also had a bit of baggage too, as during that house meeting above, the Spy Girls got it in their head to have Bridgette go be a spy in the HoH room while Natalie & Bronte attended the meeting.  But then they stupidly tell the house meeting that Bridgette is up there spying for them…and that’s said in front of Zakiyah, DaVonne, and James. Continue reading The Messiah Has Left