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Wednesday is an interesting day for me, so I guess we’ll see what happens.  In the meantime, here is a fun article from io9 that points out that one of the choral sections of the Rogue One soundtrack is a slowed down version of the Imperial March.



A Nice Weekend – and Pics from the Last One

Work has been kind of insane this past week, so I never got a chance to post the pictures from Rekha’s birthday and our trip out there for it to Santa Monica.  That situation is finally going to be remedied!  But before that, I have to admit that this weekend….was highly unproductive.  But it was lovely nonetheless.  Yesterday, I spent 8 hours sitting on the couch watching the Twin Peaks Marathon of Twin Peaks Season 1 – god DAMN that show is great.  I kept hoping a surprise new teaser would be revealed, but alas, that Cooper one from Friday is the newest.  But they did iterate through all the trailers thus far released, including the Deputy Hawk one, the Gordon Cole eating a donut one, the eerie Angelo Badalamenti one….so great.  I’m bracing for what Season 3 will actually be – and hoping my expectations can be tempered to just go along for the ride.  With David Lynch, you really have to adjust accordingly.  And 18 HOURS of David Lynch…even with Mark Frost there with him…could be nuts.    I was telling Larry that I kind of wonder if there will be a Drew Barrymore-in-Scream move made…in that one of the major stars from the original series gets killed off.  Maybe someone like Audrey or Shelly?  Eh, just chill.

I instagrammed this pic of my Twin Peaks books during the Season 1 Marathon.

Anyway, last night we went out to Cafe Beaujolais in Eagle Rock, our favorite local French restaurant with the attractive waiters who wear black t-shirts.  It’s wonderful.  Had plenty of wine and man, it just made for a wonderful Saturday night.  Get to feeling good, is all I’m saying.

This morning, we finally made it back out to Griffith Park to go running, and that was my first time out for a run in a few weeks.  Accordingly, only got in about 5.3 miles.  Happily, Larry’s back is feeling good again and he can handle the runs too.  Then we watched The Force Awakens and that movie is still the best.  Now it’s laundry and listening to Mark Hamill on the Nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick.  Today is chill as fuck and I love it.

Okay, enough rambling – here are pictures!

Jan 7, 2017 – Rekha’s Birthday in Santa Monica

A Fascinating LEGO Death Star Video

Someone put together the official LEGO Death Star construction kit and made a simply fantastic time-lapse video of it – what’s kind of cool is it’s not like a blocky-transition video, everything is very smooth.  Plus, as each room gets completed, a demonstration of what the room does as well as corresponding audio cues from the movies can be heard.  SO. COOL.

Still working on the next pictures post from Europe.  I got distracted this weekend by wanting to get out of the house….and also playing Anno 1404 like it was crack.  That game is a fun combination of city-building and renaissance themes much the same way Tropico 4 was….which means it’s eminently playable and addicting.  We also went out and saw The Girl on the Train and it was absolute garbage.  Okay, “absolute” is too strong a word, but it was such a waste of time and money.  Talk about a bad way of telling a story.  Recommendation:  PASS.   And then of course we had the second presidential debate yesterday evening and jesus, what a shit show.  It’s clear Donald Trump knows how to play to his base but once you get past the 90s-based attacks and listen to his word salad, it is just shocking he became the nominee for the GOP.  I’m still happily voting for Hillary Clinton and I love that he said we’d be getting a 3rd Obama term with her!  I WISH!

The Rogue One Official Trailer is here!

And dear lord it is fucking fantastic:

The crazy level of magnitude increases when you see the Death Star…



….the bad-assery of all the team that Felicity Jones assembles (blind guy getting shit done, the murderous robot…LOVE IT)…


…the bad-guy-in-white’s INTENSE stare at something…


…the shot of the AT-AT getting knocked in the head by an RPG….


…and the defiant, persistent march towards something with a giant Tie Fighter waiting for her?  HOLY SHIT.


The music, everything….I love that December is the month of new Star Wars movies.  LOVE IT.

And oh yeah….this?

Vader_RogueOneJust take my money now.  VADER is back, bitches.  This prequel is what we all deserved the first time around, just saying.

I liked collecting the various trailers for Force Awakens, so here’s the also-stellar teaser trailer for Rogue One:

And then there’s this “Celebration Reel” of behind-the-scenes footage which is also simply stunning!

It’s 2016! Time to Watch Star Wars Again!

Yeah, so we did that.  Saw The Force Awakens a third time, but this time at the oh-so-awesome Chinese Theater.  Cool history there what with the original Star Wars premiering there oh so many years ago in 1977.  The outside of the theater certainly looks similar now as it did then, but certainly not the immediate vicinity!  That’s all completely different, as is the inside of the theater.  With it being converted to a true and massive IMAX theater, it is way more comfortable than it was long ago.


Anyway, our third time (and likely last, in the theater) seeing The Force Awakens was still thrilling, and still leaves you wanting to know just what is up with Luke and Rey.  Where’s this all going?  One thing that was interesting to note is that when Rey finally gets to fighting with a lightsaber (man, that scene where the lightsaber gets force’d out of the snow?  pretty damn sweet, even knowing it’s coming), she uses much the same style as the Emperor did when he was finally shown fighting with a lightsaber in Revenge of the Sith (Episode III).  That’s definitely neither here nor there as that would be way too big a stretch, but still interesting that her fighting style is so similar to his.

So 2016!  Here we go.  It should prove to be quite a year – Larry & I have a wedding to continue planning and then execute;  I’m turning 40 (UGH).  Hopefully work continues to go well for both of us.  Here’s to losing some weight and getting slightly more healthy too.

As for 2015 – it had more hits than misses, that’s for sure.  Larry & I were reviewing it yesterday (before promptly passing out at 12:01 am this morning) and while the lows of 2015 were pretty shitty (changing jobs, Larry’s pancreatitis) – there was a lot to be happy with.  Both of us getting new jobs, moving to a new apartment, getting ENGAGED!  —2015 didn’t suck like some years.

Lots of excitement ahead, that’s for sure.   Time to just enjoy each day, do our best to appreciate what we have, and let shit go that honestly needs to be let go.  As I write this, The Beatles’ “Let It Be” is playing.  Applicable.  Maybe I’ll get back to my 2014 writing rhythm too – I definitely let my schedule slack a bit more this past year with the new job, but I think 2016 will be worthy of writing about.  It’s gonna be good.