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BB20 – Eps 7 & 8 – July 11 & 12, 2018

Okay, not my greatest headline, but I’m unfortunately having to rush through this post – not even any screenshots!!!  My real life has been busy and I won’t be missing out on those moments, so my BB hobby has to sometimes be paused.

Status & Standings:

Outgoing Head of Household:  Kaitlyn
Nominated for Eviction:  Winston & Scottie
Power of Veto Winner:  Tyler
Veto Used?  Oh, Yes
Replacement Nominee:  Swaggy
Evicted Houseguest:  Swaggy (8-4, with only Bayleigh, Faysal, Haleigh and Rockstar voting to keep Swaggy)
New Head of Household:  Scottie (!!!)

Color me surprised that Tyler’s ultimate scheme worked out for him.   Despite Kaitlyn seeming close to not being up for backdooring Swaggy, she did, once Tyler won the Veto (it was a cute Veto challenge about online houseguest dating and poor Jodie will always be the butt of BB jokes) and used it to save Scottie.  Up went Swaggy, and despite apparently his best efforts to get the votes needed to stay, not only was he evicted, but he lost out on all the swing votes, including Scottie.  Interesting turn of events, to be sure, and then Scottie goes and wins HoH!   I’m very intrigued how this week could go, as Scottie is a major floater and I don’t think is true to either side of the house.  Tyler lucked out in saving him in the Veto, so maybe Tyler can feel safe, but I don’t think Kaitlyn can.  Will be interesting to see who he nominates in tonight’s episode!

Oh – I’ve been watching the latest “after-series” for Big Brother, happily hosted by someone other than Jeff Schroeder!   It’s Celebrity Big Brother’s Final 2, Ross & Marissa!! SO GREAT!  Must watch.  Here’s the latest episode with Swaggy fresh off his eviction.

I’m Here for the Tyler & Kaitlyn Show

BB20 – Ep 6 – July 8, 2018

You know, this season has been very fun so far.   Plenty of attractive men and then there’s been the pretty entertaining challenges.   But I must admit that there has been some gameplay from some people that has surprised the hell out of me, hence the title of this post…

Kaitlyn Is Doing It Her Way

Her hippie-dippie stuff was so clearly not all there was to her, although it was worrying that it might have been.  She’s still kind of spacey, but I’m oddly finding it endearing?   After her move to vote out Steve, she likely would have been an easy target if anybody else had won HoH.   But here we are, with Kaitlyn as the HoH.   Perfect timing.  And now she’s in power and getting to learn even more about her fellow houseguests, and she’s winging it all the way, but she also seems to have a good sense of what will work for her.

Plus, she’s got Hottie Faysal sucking up to her to make nominations go the way FOUTTE would like, and you know that brings her joy.   I don’t know, Kaitlyn certainly does bother at times, but right now, I’m loving it.   I think my fondness is being helped by the fact that she’s working with the other name in my headline… Continue reading I’m Here for the Tyler & Kaitlyn Show

Someone Gets “Dis-cluded”

BB20 – Episodes 4 & 5 – July 4 & 5, 2018

I was thrilled with the ultimate outcome of who stayed and who went this first eviction.   I was very surprised though how it came to be that this was the result, as it only happened due to some strange circumstances.

First up, let’s talk about the first Power of Veto Competition!

The Viral Veto

Big Brother went all out for this first Veto comp.  Each of these competitions would likely have been worthy of being a full competition on their own, and there were 5!  At each stage, whoever came in last would be eliminated, with the remainder moving on to the next stage.

First Stage?  Snakes!  Each houseguest had to put their hands in a snake terrarium and get 3 “Like” discs.   In this the time had to run out as both Swaggy and Scottie couldn’t get shit done.   Fortunately for Swaggy, he managed to get at least one disc while Scottie didn’t – and so Scottie was first eliminated.

Second Stage?  Ice Water!  Another situation where you had to get discs (10, this time) and not be the last one to do so.   Swaggy ended up coming up short on this as he had just learned to swim before the show.   Not that swimming had anything to do with this as you could stand.  SMDH. Continue reading Someone Gets “Dis-cluded”

Sam the Robot Catches a Break

BB20 – Episode 3 – July 1, 2018

Alright, this week seems to be getting spread out over 2 weeks’ worth of episodes like previous seasons have done, so this episode was not a Veto or Elimination episode.  Instead, we learned more about the formation of new alliances, a new showmance, and a new gameplay element called the Big Brother App Store.

Did I get to ogle hot guys in this episode?  I know that’s the question on the forefront of most minds, and to be honest, they weren’t objectified all that much.   But here they are after entering the Have Not room (note that they both had volunteered to be Have Nots this week and Brett even joked they’d have to cuddle together….)

That’ll do, Big Brother, that’ll do.

Anyway, let’s get on with it:

Sam Has a Bad Day

Clearly, I get why Sam is pissed off.  She’s been penalized with Robot Powers and that leads to her getting ostracized.   Tough break, and she’s kind of venting her rage after getting nominated.

She asked everyone to come in one at a time and just talk to her…and while Tyler is in there feeling guilty, Kaitlyn comes in and tells her she should consider this fuel for her to win the Veto and get going.   In all honesty, I agree that Kaitlyn’s right.  Use this rage to win and get back in the game.   But right now, Sam is in full on pity and pissy mode.  I don’t begrudge her that, but she does let the rage get to her and she gets annoyed at Kaitlyn’s advice.   Probably not seeing future alliance-mates here.  Continue reading Sam the Robot Catches a Break

I Like This Tech-tacular BB So Far

BB 20 – Episodes 1 & 2 – June 27 & 28, 2018

I have no regrets about not recapping last season (BB19) as Josh won that mess and let’s not speak of it again.  Celebrity Big Brother was another that happened in the meantime and it was too short to devote too much attention to…but I loved it so much more than BB19.  Who knew?

We’re back though, there’s no BB Veterans gumming up the works, and I am happy thus far.   There is some serious hotness happening in the form of HWG (Hot White Guys) and I am heeeeeere for it.  I’ve screencapped the following for you:

This is Brett, who is hot. He is also apparently smart. He may stay.
This is Brett’s secret identity – the glasses make him unrecognizable. Yet still hot.
This is Brett and Winston, who are now Bro friends. In my mind, this is the scene in the gay porno right before the action.

Dear God these guys are hot.   You can tell the difference between them as Winston has the hairy chest.  Anyway, I’m sure there will be posts to come that highlight Winston’s attributes, so don’t worry.   Just…enjoy.

Oh yeah, so what is happening?  Continue reading I Like This Tech-tacular BB So Far