End of Another 4-day Weekend (T-193)

Damn, those weekends never seem to go by very slowly.

C’est la vie. Had a relatively eventful weekend though, which always makes it nice. To make it interesting, I’ll tell the story in reverse. I just finished watching 24, and I gotta say, Thank God that (former) President Logan is back on the show!!!!!!!! Now we’re talking! It looks like Mrs. Logan will be back too. SWEET. Also watched Marie Antoinette on DVD (a blind buy from Best Buy) – I think I liked it…. but honestly, while it was actually interesting to watch a take on Marie Antoinette that showed her as a girl way out of her element (and not just the monstrous “Let Them Eat Cake!” beyotch), nothing…seemed…to…actually…happen. And when the French Revolution occurred and things started to pick up…it ended. I don’t need to see guillotines and stuff, but maybe I do? Before I watched Marie Antoinette though, I caught up on Survivor, and realized, like a total moron, that I STILL forgot to TiVo the Amazing Race. DAMMIT! Survivor was great though, and it’s shaping up to be quite a season – especially if the Mavo team keeps losing and don’t improve their squalor. I also managed to get my car cleaned up and sweep out the garage of a lot of dirt and roadsalt that my car dumps on the floor once it dries out. All the snow we have had had led to my garage being filthy. Everytime I would drive into my garage, I’d cringe and go “Man, I really need to clean that out…” but of course I would have that thought right as I drive on top of it after a long boring day at work. And by that point, I was NOT going to go clean my garage. But it’s done, and looks great. All stuff I did after waking up on Jeff’s couch this morning from last night’s party at his house….

Yep, we had an impromptu party over at his house on Sunday night – it was a combined Dance Dance Revolution / Guitar Hero party – one room had the DDR set up and the other had Guitar Hero. It was freakin’ awesome. I of course had plenty to drink – but not too much, as I didn’t throw up or end up hungover. I know it helps to do a lot of DDR – not only is it an awesome workout, it sweats the alcohol right outta you. But good times nonetheless. We did this after driving home from Denver where we ended the Denver trip with a visit to Dave & Buster’s. It’s really hard not to have a good time at D&B’s, and this was no different. We played all the good stuff, including air hockey, the horse race skeeball game (my FAVORITE), 3D war games, all the gun games you could try, and a couple racing ones as well. Shuffleboard also, because shuffleboard is awesome. We didn’t eat there but we could have after exploring the Cherry Creek mall in Denver, which is WAY fancy. All the high-end stores are there, and it’s a blast to just look around in there. Anyways…

I’m really sleepy now – I have pictures to put up, but I’m not at the energy-level I need to be to put them up just yet. Tomorrow for sure. I’ll continue going backwards in time to recap what else I did, and perhaps I’ll have some energy to discuss other stuff too?

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day? (T-199)

Who knew? And frankly, who cares?

So today Jeff let it be known that he has reordered the European itinerary. I basically am along for the ride on this trip, as this will be my 3rd time or so going back and this is Jeff’s first time out to see Europe (besides Germany, which he saw this past holiday season). So he decided instead of spending most of the time in Great Britain, that we would start out in London, head to Paris afterwards (with a day or two in Normandy for the reenlistment), then down to Rome to finish it off. Now that’s taking on the premiere capitals of Europe. And I’m very stoked to be going back to all these amazing cities. Especially Rome – I made it there back in December 2001, but it was such a whirlwind Space-A trip that I’m definitely going to appreciate the re-visit. You know, I don’t think I ever posted my pictures from that trip I took with Wade back then. That was a last-minute adventure, to be sure. Flew Space-A from Lajes (Azores) to Naples NAS in Italy, then took a train up to Rome. Spent I think two nights in Rome, then made our way back to Naples and flew Space-A back. It was such a whirlwind trip, and last-minute, but I think that was part of what made it cool. Too bad Wade turned out to be such a freak. I’ll have to revisit the pics and put them up one day.

But anyways, still have about a month and a half to think about what to see and do. I’ve completely converted Jeff to the Rick Steves way of thinking when it comes to European traveling. You just can’t argue with the advice Rick Steves gives. Jeff picked up three of his books today, one for Paris, one for London and one for Rome. I picked up the latest version of the Rick Steves travel phrasebook (German, Italian, and French) because I have no idea where the other one went and I remember how indispensible it was during the Tambien trip. Can NOT wait to go on this trip.

So how snarky was I yesterday in this post? very. Even Michancy got a chuckle out of my irateness. She sent me a message basically stating she does the same thing when reading her old posts – get angry all over again about things that happened so long ago, that your mind has allowed you to erase. But then you realize that it wasn’t erased, it had just had a dropcloth put over it until you decide to rip it right off. I will confess that I have a ‘secret’ page that I haven’t published – and never will – that has basically all the ultimate truths in it. I don’t even like reading it but every now and then, I dip into it to see what twisted anger I have summoned onto electronic documents. It does feel good to just get out complete sincerity via any delivery method – I think the one I use is the safest for me – and keeps me out of trouble.

Alright, I am now three-for-three in nightly updates. If I keep this up, I may shock even myself!

TV Ramblings:
Veronica Mars
: Definitely not it’s finest season, but tonight’s episode was funny and interesting and all around great. I do hope this show returns for another season, but with it being on the CW, and not exactly getting stellar ratings, this third season is probably it’s last.
How I Met Your Mother: The ‘Lucky Penny’ episode from Monday was freakin’ hysterical. There were so many great moments – Marshall’s peptalks mixed with Vaseline; Barney unable to use his legs after his marathon (I can TOTALLY relate to that); Robin and Lilly’s dementia after an entire evening listening to the car alarm; and the surprising wedding future-flash at the end of the episode….who IS Ted going to marry?

Oh yeah, I don’t think I put some of my plans in that came up two weeks ago. I’m basically going to start seriously training for a triathlon sometime this summer. Not an Ironman one (that makes me cry just thinking of it), but one along the lines of Olympic or Sprint distance. It should get me in great shape, help me lose some pounds, and overall notch another accomplishment in the book of How Hobie Rulez!

One last thing: Definitely take a gander over at my good friend Al’s redesigned website – he’s made it quite professional and it seems he’s poised to make his photography hobby potentially a career. He’s very good at it, as you’ll see at his site. Much mad props to Alan and what I predict will be a promising future career (as he’s exiting the AF too this September!).

Chuckling at Circumstances (T-200)

Reading one’s own thoughts/rants from a few years ago can be awfully entertaining.

I was looking at my uber-Rant from Nellis AFB in 2004. If any of you remember, it was the one I actually went to the trouble of password-protecting because I just went OFF. And when I first started to read it, I tried to remember what the issue was – and I couldn’t. But then I started reading it and not surprisingly, I got PISSED OFF again. At those people. At myself. At the things I should have said and could have said. Why did I get mad again? Literally, that’s been almost 2 and a half years ago when all that shit went down. But it’s just the fact that there are so many things that I guess I wish I had done differently. That’s potentially the curse of having kept this website going for so long – if I choose to, I can go back and see, in gory detail, some of those things that took me to really low places. And then re-examine them. For better or for worse. What pisses me off also is that I make the same mistakes it seems. I’m a relatively smart man – you’d think I’d have learned a few lessons or so. It just seems that some of the important lessons I continue to forget.

Example: From growing up, I have learned to keep my mouth shut. Even when I want to say lots and lots, I had one incident I’ll never forget that to this day reminds me that my true opinions of things are better left unsaid. And while I’m certainly not one to not say anything, to say that my true words have come out ‘unfiltered’ at any time since that incident would be a straight-up lie. I honestly don’t know the last time I’ve ever not censored my thoughts. I’ve learned in the interim how to craft my sentences and words in such a way so I don’t come across as the raging asshole I really am. Instead, I make you sound like a raging asshole. And it makes me happy. But the counter-lesson to this is that I think I’ve had enough of not saying the utter truth of what needs to be said. There are so many people’s feelings out there in the world that have been spared because of what I chose not to say. Perhaps I’ve kept a lot more of my friends and family because of it – but I think there’s also times, especially now, when what I want to really say would probably help things in the long run. Oh geez, I’m rambling now. I certainly didn’t say I have learned to ‘edit’ myself, did I?

Today was my first day of not being the straight-up Flight CC. I didn’t like it. Sure, I was able to play the affable Hobie Barnes, but frankly, I am fucking done with the Air Force. 200 more days? Fucking stab a pencil in my eye. Going back to what I said above, there’s SOOOOO much I just want to say…. and can’t.

Alright, I need to tighten the filter some more. I think I got set off by the events of the day and night, going back and reading that rant of mine, and just overall realizing I want to just be me. I’m tired of the censored me. He’s boring. And he talks about himself in the third-person, and that is just obnoxious.

Well, it’s 200 days left. Whooptie-freaking-doo! 🙂 I am stoked there’s a 4-day weekend coming up – tentatively, there’s plans to go back to Keystone for a day of skiing on Friday, and then also going to the Coors Brewery on Sunday. The rest of the time? Who knows, who cares?

Who’s Going to London? (T-201)

That would be ME! Indeed, I’ll be returning to my favorite European city at the end of March. And I couldn’t be happier about it, let me tell you!

You know, I’ve been meaning to get back to the website for a while (sounds familiar, I know…) but frankly the past few weeks haven’t been too exciting except me being mostly depressed about crap. But I think I snapped myself out of that nonsense by the end of last week. Namely because I decided to go ahead and just go on the damn trip with Jeff, even if I’m supposed to be deputy during that time. I had been planning on going on this trip for so long – I’m not going to let some misplaced guilt keep me from going. Part of my depression was caused by thinking I wasn’t going to go on this trip anymore because it started in March – but after talking to Jeff about it, well, as you can see, I’ve booked my flight and in less than two months, I’ll be headed back to London (SWEET!!!!!) and even going to Normandy for a re-enlistment ceremony that Jeff is officiating. The ceremony will literally be on the beaches of Normandy – how freakin’ cool is that? That was one of the main reasons I was so excited about going on this trip. Also going to see London AND Paris again is something I just can’t pass up. Doing this though means my Vegas plans are definitely not until September – going to have to save money for that trip. And oh what a party that shall be too!

Okay, what else? Good news for Kyle and Adam, two of the Lts that work for me. They had applied to cross-train to become a pilot and an ABM, and the results were coming out at the beginning of the month – and fortunately, they both Made It! We found out that Adam is leaving in March (so fast!) and that Kyle is sticking around until November (his UPT doesn’t start till then). I’m really happy for both of them and wish them the best of success in their future operational career with the Air Force.

Speaking of Air Force careers (or the lack of), I have to get crackin’ on writing my own damn resume. I’ve been thinking about what Bradley-Morris has been working for me, and I think I’m going to cancel out of the Chicago hiring conference. I really don’t want to live out there. I’m still going to go to San Diego, and I think I’ll be trading Chicago’s conference for one in Austin. But even more importantly, I’ve decided I can try to see what jobs are out here in Colorado Springs. I thought I would be willing to give it up easily, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I LOVE it here. I really really love my house, I love my friends here, and I think that I could totally stay here for a while. Not forever, but a few more years at least. Build up the value of the house, wait till my friends PCS, and then think about going elsewhere. So I’ve got a lot of work to do to figure out all this. I’m getting scared! If you noticed the green countdown numbers above, I’m a day over 200 left to go till I’m done. WOAH!!!!!!

I had a lot to write about – or so I thought. Every time I thought about sitting down to type up an update, I realized I wasn’t all that motivated to do it. I’ve bought a lot of clothes and furniture stuff for my house – plus today I finally put up most of my pictures in my bedroom and I actually used my drill to put up shelves in the bedroom too. Can you believe it? I haven’t made any progress on the bathroom – I think I scared myself out of doing it. I still really want to, but I am so afraid of fucking it up. I just need to rip out the vanity cabinet and then I’ll be FORCED to do it.

Here’s some recaps on my TV viewing habits:

24: I’m enjoying this season, but it’s a far cry from the glorious Season 5. The plotlines seemed very forced and I really don’t care about any of the characters all that much. Maybe this is going to be like the Ontario Airport section of Season 5 – they just needed to get the ball rolling and then the season will knock into fifth gear… Besides the death of Curtis and the reveal (and subsequent death) of Jack’s brother, there hasn’t been too much excitement that really gets you going. Even Chloe hasn’t been as awesome as usual. When is the other shoe going to drop?

Ugly Betty: Good God, I couldn’t love this show anymore if I tried. Rebecca Romijn as Daniel’s brother-turned-sister is inspired. Judith Light as Daniel’s mother is awesome (so hard to see her as Angela from Who’s the Boss anymore). I loved the show at Fashion Week with Hilda and Betty at odds with each other. Henry and Betty’s doomed romance is so involving. And good riddance to Walter, although he actually was somewhat likable once he dumped Betty. And of course, the cattiness of Wilhelmina, Amanda and Marc continue to make this show must-watch material. I can never get enough of this show. Favortie scene from last week: Alexis (Rebecca Romijn) making Daniel slap himself and yelling at him: “Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?” And the dramatic plot reveal at the end of last week’s episode (the true killer of Faye Sommers was revealed) was much more gripping than anything 24 has done this season so far. If you haven’t started watching this show, do yourself a favor and watch it!

Survivor: Fiji: Okay, I haven’t done a page for this season and I have no intention of doing so. But let me just say that this season has started off with so much promise already. The entire cast is engaging so far, there was drama, and the game twists thus far have been pretty interesting. 19 castaways – not an even number this time. The ‘leader’ (Sylvia) picking the two tribes, and THEN getting sent to Exile Island right afterwards by Jeff Probst. Having all 19 people on one beach for the first two days building up a SWEET shelter and camp – only to then be split, with the winners of immunity returning to Camp Luxury and the losing tribe going to a new beach with just a machete. And these wildly divergent camps do not seem to be poised to be awarded to winners and losers. I think the one tribe is stuck at the pathetic camp from here on out – unless next week’s episode tells us otherwise. Should make for an interesting (although potentially pathetic) dynamic at challenges.

Amazing Race: All Stars: This hasn’t started yet, but I did panic while typing this up. Suddenly I thought I had forgotten about the premiere tonight – but that isn’t till NEXT Sunday. Whew….

Okay, enough is enough. This upcoming week is a short week, and I think I’ll be 50/50 at my flight and at the squadron front office gleaning info from the deputy while he’s here. We get a 4-day weekend (Woo Hoo! I love February) – not sure if I’m doing anything exciting, but whatever. 4 days off? I’m there.

And here are some random pics from the past few weeks:

Random Feb Pics

Me in my mess dress before the Annual Awards Banquet
Me in my mess dress before the Annual Awards Banquet01-Feb-2007 18:10, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 50
01-Feb-2007 18:11, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 50
01-Feb-2007 18:11, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 50
Magnum, Jeff's schnauzer
Magnum, Jeff's schnauzer04-Feb-2007 14:15, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 10.0, 15.4375mm, 0.004 sec, ISO 50
Kahlua, Jeremy's mix
Kahlua, Jeremy's mix04-Feb-2007 14:15, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 4.0, 15.4375mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 50
Another of Kahlua
Another of Kahlua04-Feb-2007 14:15, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 4.9, 22.21875mm, 0.003 sec, ISO 50
There's Magnum again
There's Magnum again04-Feb-2007 14:16, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 4.9, 22.21875mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 50
Pic of my new mirror in the upstairs hallway
Pic of my new mirror in the upstairs hallway11-Feb-2007 19:39, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.067 sec, ISO 200
Once more, with feeling
Once more, with feeling11-Feb-2007 19:39, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.067 sec, ISO 200

And I just finished rewatching Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal back-to-back. Those were really good, SCARY movies. I had forgotten how damn graphic Hannibal was. blech. I have absolutely no interest in seeing Hannibal Rising though. That looks just like a damned horror movie. No gracias.

Black Diamond, Baby! (T-215)

Yep – I conquered one of my ski endeavors this weekend – the Keystone run called DiamondBack was totally my bitch!

I’ve returned from SnoFest! at Keystone without a broken bone or two! Incredible! Anyways, as promised, I have downloaded my pictures from the trip and posted them here. I must provide advance warning: some of the pics are very nice and pretty and blah blah blah – and some of the pictures are straight-up pics taken by and of drunk people. So if you can’t deal with that, bitch don’t care. I’ll expound on that last little phrase next month.

To recap the trip though: Awesomeness squared. There was no drama as potentially expected, everyone had a great time, no one got hurt, and the skiing was outstanding. We took off early Friday morning after combining people into two cars at Kyle’s house. On the way up, just right on Powers, Tom’s Explorer caught the ice wrong and spun out – fortunately that was the beginning and the end of the bad luck for the trip. Luckily he and his passengers weren’t hurt and the car was fine. The trek up to Keystone was uneventful as the weather was frickin’ beautiful. We then got ourselves parked and ready to go skiing, as we couldn’t check into the condo until the evening. And so we skied. And skied some more. Keystone really is a great resort – I didn’t really get to see much of it that first trip I took there last March, and during this trip, I got to see quite a few more runs on the front side of the mountain and take on some of the back side of the mountain, which is pretty advanced. What is cool about Keystone is that the length of the runs is very very long. You literally ski down the whole mountain, and some of the runs are 3 miles long or so. So you get a lot of turns, various steepness, potential for lots of speed, and an entertaining run in before you have to get back on the lifts. I’ve noticed that at Breckenridge, the runs aren’t quite as long as Keystone – but you do have many more to choose from than at Keystone. Regardless, it’s a very fun resort. On the second day of skiing was when I finally built up the courage to try a black diamond run. I had told myself to go for it this trip, but I was very willing to talk myself out of it though. Fortunately, I ended up running into Dave who talked up the DiamondBack trail. So I caught his enthusiasm and Kyle, Dave and I went down the trail. Of course, I had to take photos at the beginning and end of the trail – it’s not everyday you get to break your Black Diamond cherry. I will say that my heart was definitely beating superfast. I imagine that this isn’t the hardest of black diamonds to ski, but it certainly is long and steep. It starts off innocuously enough at the end of a little green bunny slope area (I kid you not) at the top of the mountain, but then you round a bend and see where the run pretty much slopes into the wham-o ‘black-diamond’ part. As you approach it, you can actually see the bottom and you realize that the bottom is VERY far down there and you have to ski to it to reach it. Well, I was there, so no turning around now. I felt pretty good while skiing down the run, especially when I saw other newbies trying to ski down it and who definitely looked a lot more scared than me. Before I knew it, I was down the mountain though, and it was awesome.

Jeremy also came up on Saturday, and we ended up all skiing around that afternoon, eventually meeting up to watch the Cardboard Derby set up for SnoFest. Basically people build various vehicles out of cardboard to race down the bunny slope. You hope to make it all the way to the finish line with an intact vehicle and not having to push it. Most do not meet these goals. But there were some that knocked that goal out of the park, including the NORAD bobsled team (freakin’ Fast!), the Short Yellow Bus, a giant Cricket cell phone, and a Viking warship. Some of these people got very creative. After watching that for a little bit, it was time to Night Ski! That is a definite fun experience, as the trails are much less crowded and the snow is great to ski on, as the iciness is mostly gone. Cheeks (I mean, Jeremy), KD, Eric and I went nightskiing for a while (Jeff went as well, but wanted to knock out more skiing without waiting) together, and of course fun was had by all.

I don’t want to leave out all the ridiculous fun had at night. The first night was pretty mellow, as we were all pretty damn tired, but not too tired to play some Karaoke Revolution! And of course drink. Which I did a lot of. No hangover the next day – woo hoo! Then on Saturday night, after night skiing, Jeremy, KD, Eric and I went out and got some pizza in the Keystone Village area. And of course drank. Then we went next door to Parrot Eyes bar, where we met up with Dave and Dallas, and of course we drank. Not to mention take lots of stupid pictures. As you’ll see below. Some hideous pics are also below. Then we went back to the lodge, and of course continued to drink (our driver, Eric, did NOT drink of course though – we are responsible people here!). That was when Jeremy and I probably should have stopped drinking, but c’est la vie. So even though we were hungover today, it was still lots of fun. The four of us stayed to do some more skiing this last day, but for me, the conditions were too icy; also, I think all the tiredness was catching up to me, I was still a bit hungover, and on one of the blue runs on the back of the mountain, I wiped out once and had to ski the gauntlet (what I call it, as basically you have to ski down this super-steep part of the mountain that everybody at the base is looking up at – so there’s like 200 people watching you ski or fall…) right afterwards. I was done. Everybody else had left in the morning, so I rode with Jeremy back to the Springs. All in all, a great weekend vacation!

And now, the pics:

SnoFest 2007 @ Keystone, Day 1: Friday, 26 Jan 07

Melissa in the car on the way upMelissa in the car on the way up
Melissa in the car on the way up26-Jan-2007 07:46, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 50
KD tooKD too
KD too26-Jan-2007 07:46, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 50
Jeff, the fearless driverJeff, the fearless driver
Jeff, the fearless driver26-Jan-2007 07:46, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.004 sec, ISO 50
Hobie, the idiotic cameramanHobie, the idiotic cameraman
Hobie, the idiotic cameraman26-Jan-2007 07:47, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 50
Sleeping MelissaSleeping Melissa
Sleeping Melissa26-Jan-2007 08:06, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 50
26-Jan-2007 08:06, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 50
KD daresKD dares
KD dares26-Jan-2007 08:07, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 50
There's Keystone!There's Keystone!
There's Keystone!26-Jan-2007 10:03, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 10.0, 15.4375mm, 0.006 sec, ISO 50
Jeff at the summitJeff at the summit
Jeff at the summit26-Jan-2007 11:16, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 7.1, 7.40625mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 50
Melissa and KD at the topMelissa and KD at the top
Melissa and KD at the top26-Jan-2007 11:17, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 7.1, 7.40625mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 50
There's me, not paying attentionThere's me, not paying attention
There's me, not paying attention26-Jan-2007 11:17, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 7.1, 7.40625mm, 0.003 sec, ISO 50
Breckenridge, in the distanceBreckenridge, in the distance
Breckenridge, in the distance26-Jan-2007 11:22, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 13.0, 22.21875mm, 0.005 sec, ISO 50
26-Jan-2007 11:22, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 11.0, 18.34375mm, 0.005 sec, ISO 50
Jeff and BreckJeff and Breck
Jeff and Breck26-Jan-2007 11:22, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 13.0, 22.21875mm, 0.006 sec, ISO 50
KD and BreckKD and Breck
KD and Breck26-Jan-2007 11:22, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 4.9, 22.21875mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 50

SnoFest 2007 @ Keystone, Day 2: Saturday, 27 Jan 07

Eric, pro skier and gold medal winner at the racesEric, pro skier and gold medal winner at the races
Eric, pro skier and gold medal winner at the races27-Jan-2007 08:24, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 3.5, 10.8125mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 77
Jeff and Melissa prepare for a long day of lodge livingJeff and Melissa prepare for a long day of lodge living
Jeff and Melissa prepare for a long day of lodge living27-Jan-2007 08:25, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 3.5, 10.8125mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 102
Me before my first-ever Black Diamond run!!!!Me before my first-ever Black Diamond run!!!!
Me before my first-ever Black Diamond run!!!!27-Jan-2007 11:19, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 7.1, 7.40625mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 50
If I had to die today on the black diamond, that's one helluva viewIf I had to die today on the black diamond, that's one helluva view
If I had to die today on the black diamond, that's one helluva view27-Jan-2007 11:21, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 7.1, 7.40625mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 50
Dave and Kyle there to usher me in to the clubDave and Kyle there to usher me in to the club
Dave and Kyle there to usher me in to the club27-Jan-2007 11:21, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 7.1, 7.40625mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 50
I survived!I survived!
I survived!27-Jan-2007 11:31, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 7.1, 7.40625mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 50
Looking towards Breckenridge and the weather over thereLooking towards Breckenridge and the weather over there
Looking towards Breckenridge and the weather over there27-Jan-2007 14:53, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 10.0, 15.4375mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 50
Me tooMe too
Me too27-Jan-2007 14:53, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 10.0, 15.4375mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 50
KD, Eric, Melissa, Jeff and Jeremy at the Cardboard DerbyKD, Eric, Melissa, Jeff and Jeremy at the Cardboard Derby
KD, Eric, Melissa, Jeff and Jeremy at the Cardboard Derby27-Jan-2007 16:02, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 50
This Bitch Don't CareThis Bitch Don't Care
This Bitch Don't Care27-Jan-2007 16:02, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.003 sec, ISO 50
Me in the pic this timeMe in the pic this time
Me in the pic this time27-Jan-2007 16:02, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.003 sec, ISO 50
Not sure what happened hereNot sure what happened here
Not sure what happened here27-Jan-2007 16:03, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.003 sec, ISO 50
The Cardboard derbyThe Cardboard derby
The Cardboard derby27-Jan-2007 16:05, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 4.9, 22.21875mm, 0.003 sec, ISO 50
The contestants lined upThe contestants lined up
The contestants lined up27-Jan-2007 16:05, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 4.9, 22.21875mm, 0.003 sec, ISO 50
KD and Eric at the Pizza placeKD and Eric at the Pizza place
KD and Eric at the Pizza place27-Jan-2007 20:03, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 50

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